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  • Samir Gazaoui 4 years ago


  • Randall Wade Payne 4 years ago

    Nice race Kasey!!!

  • Ajax97 4 years ago

    I don’t know. It just looks like a few pieces of rubber. Even so, its still
    looks way out of the groove. Far too far away from any logical lane going
    into that turn.

  • 48JJRules 4 years ago

    @ghukas231 haven’t u ever thought it might be skill? Just saying

  • Hendrickfan54 4 years ago

    You realize every car goes through a vigorous pre race inspection, post
    qualifying inspection, post race inspection and then the winning car and a
    randomly selected car which most of the time the 48 is chosen go back to
    the NASCAR tech center in NC for another Inspection you think its possible
    to cheat under these circumstances?

  • Ajax97 4 years ago

    I didnt mind seeing Kasey win. I actually liked to see him finally win
    after all of his chances being ruined by other wrecks. I just hate when
    NASCAR sees a piece of debris on the track, a piece that would cause little
    ot no damage to a car. Or a piece off the track entirely, that is ignored
    until near the end of the race so NASCAR can call a BS caution to bring the
    pack together. It allowes them to manipulate the race to their liking. I
    dont like that they jump at every opportunity 4 a caution.

  • Ajax97 4 years ago

    That debris caution on lap 149 was BS. NASCAR just wanted to bring the pack
    together. that “debris” would have made no difference to anybody. It was
    probably there for a long time. They just wanted to wait till later to make
    the ending more interesting.

  • ghukas231 4 years ago

    While other drivers can’t even get a top 5

  • Michael Delgado 4 years ago

    i missed an awesome race

  • Leuel48Fan 4 years ago

    Well, they want to make the race interesting, and they did. As far as
    manipulating, as long as they don’t specifically target any drivers or
    teams and it’s random (like actual cautions and accidents), then the
    majority of fans don’t mind, and in fact support it.

  • DieKolkrabe 4 years ago

    Because it’s the same deal. One NFL crew cracks down on late hits. It still
    happens. NASCAR cracks down on cheating. Still goes on.

  • jrfan07 4 years ago

    it was a pretty entertaining race i must say, nice to see the groove
    starting to widen out nicely and how about that crowd! another packed house
    at pocono man, love it :D

  • texacobigred42 4 years ago

    Cue up Smoke: “…Goodyear can’t build a tire that’s worth a crap…”

  • nascarfanatic2425 4 years ago

    This season is great, ’cause tracks that were traditionally called “boring”
    have had spectacular finishes. Fontana, crash for the win. Here, a hard,
    but clean battle for the win among 2 fantastic drivers who are also

  • nascarfanatic2425 4 years ago

    Well, when you’re at a track like Pocono, where there’s very few cautions,
    can you really blame NASCAR? Besides, what we see on the T.V. may not look
    so dangerous, but it could be worse in person, and with these cars going
    very fast, they’re sensitive to even the smallest things.

  • Marco Flores 4 years ago

    Tony Stewart’s not driving next week, he broke his leg. I wonder how that
    will affect the standings…

  • Colin Bartell 4 years ago

    hey ghukas231, i totally agree with you

  • nascarfanatic2425 4 years ago

    I agree. I love Pocono’s racing. I just wish that if you’re in the
    grandstands, you could see more than just from the exit of 3 to the
    entrance of 1.

  • Leuel48Fan 4 years ago

    So? You like seeing 7 seconds margin of victories. Only if you were a Kasey
    fan, I can understand, but hey he won in the end. Everyone complains that
    Pocono is boring and then when we get a good race there’s always those few
    that still manage to bitch about it, wtf? Did you not enjoy that ending?

  • The_Skcandy 4 years ago

    Mmm.. Soda cookies , want one Jensen . Lol

  • ghukas231 4 years ago

    Hey guys, am I the only one who thinks that NASCAR should check Johnson’s
    car more? I mean, every car has 800HP, and yet he can win countless races

  • Bryan Love 4 years ago

    He just went for it there! lol , I’m a HUGE Jeff Gordon fan, although I
    wanted Jeff to win, I’m glad for Kasey, he’s my 2nd favorite driver. Kasey
    just had the better car…

  • nick barney 4 years ago

    Best Pocono race since 2007.

  • Hendrickfan54 4 years ago

    why make things complicated and compare NASCAR to football. yes they push
    boundaries they work in the gray area every team does and like you said
    sometimes they get caught.