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  • VIL388 4 years ago

    Who’s that black lady. She’s fine. 

  • Danny Max 4 years ago

    America is the home of 2nd chances. Sterling needs to apologize, show
    remorse, volunteer at community centers.

  • kofiaidooable 4 years ago

    We’ll get to her in a little bit lol

  • WestCoastDon448 4 years ago

    i agree that sterling is a terrible person and should sell the team and the
    fine is on point but ive learned something from this debacle. in today’s
    politically correct society it looks like being a white racist is the worst
    possible person someone can be. you get BANNED from the nba for it and your
    company stripped from you. but for some reason you can be a rapist (kobe)
    and still be the face of the nba. you can be a murderer(ray lewis) and
    still be a star in the nfl and be an analyist on cbs. you can fight and
    kill dogs(vick) and not be banned from the nfl. All the cases of dui’s,
    spousel abuse, assaults, weapons charges etc. and your still welcome but if
    you say racist comments in a private conversation your the worst monster of

  • LayZeeBro 4 years ago

    I hate Carrie Champion. She adds absolutely nothing to the conversation,
    not even a friggin opinion. Get rid of her and bring in someone like Jay
    Crawford again!

  • NVkidd22 4 years ago

    I don’t condone nor excuse the blatant racism that Donald Sterling has
    clearly expressed. However, Charles Barkley was one if the racist athletes
    I’ve ever seen and nothing happened to him. Racism is entirely a one way
    street and if it’s okay for blacks to be racist then it’s okay for whites
    to be racist. Period.

  • Shahzaib Mirza 4 years ago

    isnt it kinda obvious. that sterling’s “Wife” and magic set him up. 

  • Richard Brighton 4 years ago

    irony of irony, is… there is enough rich Afro-American superstars, who
    buy that team, in-a-heart-beat… and the La Clippers, could end up, being
    first Afro-American owned NBA team… go figure…