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  • jeremy S. 4 years ago

    Lebron is GREATER than Bird. Better IQ, stronger, around same quickness,
    faster, play every position, better defender, more MVP’s, will have equal
    to or more rings, more accolades, better overall efficiency and
    consistency. I know the argument is by position but almost always LeBron is
    compared to/ in the same category Jordan is more than Bird when a stat
    comes up. That alone is commen sense that LeBron would be better. 

  • flykidj95 4 years ago

    put larry bird in this era omg how many mvps would he have won or rings?
    have u seen some of these finals teams in the 2000s? bird played in the
    toughest era in nba history the 1980s omg he won 3 mvps in a row in the
    80s! omg larry bird is clearly the better player shit

  • MrTorsation476858 4 years ago

    But I do feel that Mark Jackson, Stephen A, and a grand majority of people
    on Twitter do is hop on the Lebron bandwagon. It’s true, not hate. They
    just totally disrespect so many players and praise Lebron so hard that
    lebron probably gets erections after he hears them talk about him on TV.
    Leave the man alone and let him do his thing on the court. As I look at
    Lebron, he’s just the athletic version of Magic Johnson. 

  • Lmoney86 4 years ago

    One guy quit and hopped on another superstars team, the other stayed put
    and did the best with what he had…Both are great but who would you draft?
    The quitter or the guy that sticks it out?
    If Larry went the Lebron route and hand-picked his team mates he’d probably
    have double the amount of rings he currently has.

  • PapomanResurrect 4 years ago


    Now you know why Lebron left….Now you know why you need supporting cast.
    Lebron took and Indiana State team full of scrubs and one god and took them
    against a giant in UCLA (SPURS)….Skip is retarded he just validated
    Stephen’s point. What a moron! 

  • Schuyler sourn 4 years ago

    Magic johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan made the NBA. In my opinion

  • ucialum 4 years ago

    Stephen A is on the money. Larry Bird would never, ever guard the opposing
    team’s best player. Imagine Bird guarding Rose; ankles broken every single
    play. Imagine Bird guarding Durant; no chance. Bird is probably the best
    shooter of all time, but he is NOT better than Lebron.

  • Willie Beal 4 years ago

    Scottie Pippen is the greatest of all time. Not Larry Bird or LeBron James

  • kbdemonbain 4 years ago

    all around player lebron is better than bird, but idk if i could build a
    team and take lebron over bird it depends on how the team was built. and
    they say lebron took cleveland with a bunch of no names to the finals. yes
    he had no other stars with him but the east was still pretty damn weak back
    then till boston with KG pierce ray allen and rondo was put together yeah
    you had wade in miami but that was post shaq era when shaq was always hurt
    and was a shell of him self

  • theajballer22 4 years ago


  • Demik Holdat 4 years ago

    Everyone needs to get off Lebrons tip… he’s wouldn’t have that ring if it
    wasn’t for ray allen. People make him to be the “greatest” but I’d agree IF
    he ever won a championship with the Hornets, Cavs, Pelicans… other than
    that I just see him being on a good team that had great players tale

  • RaymanMarble 4 years ago

    If King James retired today, he’d be about equal to Larry Legend. But
    barring a career ending injury to a man built like the terminator, it won’t
    even be close when all is said and done.

  • MrJeckel 4 years ago

    Larry bird was a great player but for Christ sakes ppl need to stop
    overrating the guy.

    Larry avg 10+ rebs in an era where everyone played at a fast pace. If you
    want to look deep into the stats, top teams avg 110+ppg regularly back in
    the 80s. Teams hardly avg 100ppg now. There were more possessions back then
    with teams running so that they didn’t have to play in the halfcourt (hence
    showtime lakers).

    It’s funny how people gloss over larry’s defense too. he was a shitty
    defender. great scorer but crap defender. Lebron is just as efficient if
    not more as a scorer and is an eons better defender. Lebron is the better
    total package, more efficient and more dominant when you factor in defense.
    I feel like most people just go by what older people say when it comes to
    critiquing guys like larry bird. He was a great shooter, good passer and
    good rebounder but lebron is a better passer, more efficient player and a
    more impactful player than bird was.

    Also, don’t even bother bringing the “lebron plays with hall of famers”
    excuse into this. Larry was part of the best team ever assembled (86
    celtics). Larry played with 5 count em 5 HALL OF FAMERS (mchale, parrish,
    archibald, dennis johnson and cedric johnson) and played with most of them
    in their primes. no one brings that up though, huh?

  • David James 4 years ago

    lol that nigga lebron would jump over that honkey bird.

  • Rich Homie Wolf 4 years ago

    I’ll say this if miami 3peats and LBJ is the MVP then yes he will be the
    greatest small forward EVER!

  • flykidj95 4 years ago


  • MrTorsation476858 4 years ago

    So to say that someone is better than Lebron means theyre a hater? Bird was
    a better winner, leader, scorer than Lebron is. He also didn’t have guys to
    bail him out in a close situation at the end of a crucial game. He was the
    one to do that. Bird defined the small forward position. That is why Bird
    is the best SF. That is my opinion and anyone who doesn’t like it can as
    would Stephen A would say “kick rocks”.

  • Peter Nguyen 4 years ago

    Larry bird would suck in today’s nba lol

  • Alvin Elmore 4 years ago

    Larry Bird
    24.3PPG 10.00 RPG 6.3 APG

    3 Championships. 3 MVPS 0 scoring Titles

    Lebron James
    27.5 PPG 7.2RPG 7.0APG

    2 Championships, 4 MVPS, 1 Scoring Title

    Close call. But Lebron has the edge

  • dieselshug 4 years ago

    Skip is an idiot.

  • Manny Akinso 4 years ago

    they should do this sort of debate show in england for football. this is so

  • MrSiad123 4 years ago

    Both LeBron and Bird are great players but are from very different era’s. 

  • Nico De Guzman 4 years ago

    There he goes again with the mental toughness and intangibles. Fuck skip

  • anthony king 4 years ago

    Steven A is so fucking stupid 

  • Tod Wilkinson 4 years ago

    Bird way better on the boards. That’s pretty much all I need.

    Bird was also a much better ambidixous passer. EITHER HAND off the dribble.
    Better behind the back passer and passer in tight spaces. one of the best
    Pick N Roll passers ever.

    Way more assist per game and twice as much ASSIST %.

    Lebron averages about 6 dimes now, yet has the ball 90% of the offense. HE

    LARRY had the ball about 25% of his teams offense YET STILL AVERAGED 7
    dimes a game. That’s impressive.

    Much better scorer per shot. Didn’t need refs to win either (free throws)

    Larry shot a little less than LeBron YET averaged about the same. Do the

    If player A is taking 15 shots and scoring 24 points
    and player B is taking 20 shots and needing to be bailed out by refs half
    the time yet only scores 26ppg

    Anyone that understands algebra knows that player A is a much better and
    more efficient scorer.

    Also Bird was playing guys like Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Magic Johnson,
    James Worthy, Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan.

    While Lerbon struggles with guys like hibbert, George, david freaking