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  • Daniel Cavazos 3 years ago

    LEBRON isn’t better than Durant he is Better if he wasn’t he would have
    been leading scorer and won the NBA title

  • fabricio piotto 3 years ago

    this guys are just clowns but skip..he’s in another level

  • Willthaprince 3 years ago

    I know im a lil off topic but… Carrie can get it specially with those
    little moans she makes lol. But ya KD is awesome, stats were great along
    side with Bron the whole season. Lets see if he gets the ring :)

  • Isaac Lim 3 years ago

    Skip, just congrualte KD instead of comparing KD to michael jordan and kobe
    bryant and talking about assassin shit and Russel Westbrook

  • Dillon Lyons 3 years ago

    Why is everyone keep arguing whose the best blah blah blah. We wont have
    these amazing talents to watch forever. So why don’t we just all enjoy this
    talent we have to entertain us whilst we watch the best sport in the world

  • Nico De Guzman 3 years ago

    Fuck off skip. Not everybody will have that Jordan and Kobe mentality.
    LeBron is the same nice guy and he won 2 straight championship. That
    process is working. God damn. 

  • Obsidian Green 3 years ago

    How can durant be the MVP when he’s not even the best player on the team?
    everyone knows the secret of durant, put a speedy small guy on him and
    he’s strapped. he may give u good #s in regular season.. but he’s too
    soft for post-season and turns over way too many times. last yr without
    westbrooke, OKC was one game away from being swept by lowly memphis.

  • 12Chris6 3 years ago

    Love The Fresh Prince of Bel Air comparison. It really was one of the most
    emotional episodes of the series.

  • The Lone Voice 3 years ago

    Stephen A has known everyone for years.

  • Toviel Hsu 3 years ago

    I don’t like how FirstTake keeps talking about MJ and Kobe’s assassin
    mentality and contribute that to winning championships. Leaderships come
    in different shapes and forms, one does NOT need to have be an assassin
    mentality to win it all. Lebron’s willingness to share the basketball IS
    one of his greatest assets and what brings the Heat together to win
    championships. Besides his greatness as a player, I believe in KD as a
    person and a leader. When a person unconditionally gives he shall receive,
    KD’s strong support system demonstrates that principle. This speech not
    only united OKC as a team and bonded them ever so closely together, it
    rallied the entire organization and the community behind them. However,
    Heat is playing so well and Lebron James being the King as a freak of
    nature, I am not sure if OKC will go all the way this year, but I believe
    KD will be a future hall of famer and win more than 2 championships.

  • Benny boys gaming channel (: 3 years ago

    KD may have won MVP but when it comes down to it, LeBron is still the man
    by far.

  • pianmario1 3 years ago

    Lebron is a nice guy and got 2 rings. Things are changing Skip.

  • ARIEL CASTRO 3 years ago



  • Patricia Williams 3 years ago

    “Opened his heart and his tear ducts and just let it flow.” LOL wut. Still
    can’t get over that.

  • mrdean171 3 years ago

    Is it just me or does Stephen A call every single guy he talks about a
    “great ambassador for the game of basketball”

  • Martyyn McFlyy 3 years ago

    If Stephen A. Smith was a pastor he’d probably start the sermon off by
    saying “I’ve known Jesus for years, he’s a dear friend of mine” loll

  • Jon Raza 3 years ago

    the speech was during the clippers series not the spurs series.

  • Deconna Burke 3 years ago

    ms champion needs to go she really ruins the show she sucks 

  • Big Al 3 years ago

    Congrats for KD and the speech was so good and emotional! but KD really
    deserves it.i hope KD wins multiple MVPs and Doesn’t get robbed like Kobe
    did to LeBron. Last season before Kobe tore his AT! he averaged 27.5 on the
    same lakers that got swept in the 1st round! You all see how the Lakers are
    doing with Kobe at the age of 35 after 18 season!! and he single handed
    carried them to the Playoffs last season. i think just for all the things
    he went through last season, Kobe should have won the MVP! cuz you see this
    season his value to the team!!!! At 35 playing 38-40 mins ” 2nd player
    after him was Lillard who is what 21-22! so the League used to suck to
    LeBron cuz he was the choose one!!! thank god, KD got it this season! 

  • Rpagsis1 3 years ago

    Durant conducts himself in a manner that is all business on the court,
    humble, respectful and selfless. Off the court is no different and has
    handled himself in the public spotlight with a high level of class and

  • Kenny Pedersen 3 years ago

    Vinnie Paz tweet! 

  • MrAcidfast 3 years ago

    Kd is a good and humble person no doubt about that. but that same reason
    also preventing him to have assassin mentality and dominate the game.
    Thanks skip for reminding kd and not riding with all the emotiinal shit
    about the speech that MVP is still not a ring. To kd, you won the mvp. You
    know proved that you are great player please dominate and show no mercy to
    every opponent specially to lebron. Please man you can defeate that spoiled
    cry baby james.

  • Oester Sem 3 years ago

    cari is so goddamn sexy. i want to fuck her so bad

  • yoe91 3 years ago

    It was definitely BY FAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR the most touching thing I’ve
    ever seen in the realm of sport, that’s for sure. Couldn’t stop crying ! :p

  • Revive 3 years ago

    i wish the thunder were still where they should be in Seattle