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  • DapperDan 3 years ago

    I Think they are blowing this way out of proportion lol sensitive af. At
    the end of the day the nba is this mans job not his entire life, they dont
    OWN him he can do what he wants. And as for the money, what he was paid
    compared to what he ACTUALLY brings in TOTAL for the enitre city and
    organization, they need to sit down and be grateful. I understand where
    derrick is coming from completely, and money ISNT everything they think
    just because hes getting paid that he has complete life fulfillment now and
    thats all that he wants out of life, gtfo.

  • Artur Cheprov 3 years ago

    Maaan that’s some BS. What an ignorant takes they’ve got. Like what the
    hell? Look at one of the greatest of all time – Larry Bird. His back
    bothered him SO MUCH that he could barely sit, he had to lay on the ground
    just to ease his pain. I don’t want the same future for Derrick. What’s
    wrong with him taking care of his health? Jeez, he’s not retiring or
    anything, all he tried to say is he don’t want to rush and play if he’s not
    100% to not make the situation worse. What’s with the drama?

    And also, I’m a Bulls fan and that is just idiotic to think that Chicago
    fans don’t want him anymore. He is our all alongside with Joakim Noah,
    Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, Kirk Hinrich and the whole crew. We support
    everybody on our team so GTFO with these stupid ass assumptions. Don’t feel
    sorry for us, feel sorry for yourself

    I’m done

  • Mitt Mittens 3 years ago

    Rose has to be the dumbest motherfucker ever. Can’t believe you Shitcago
    fans put up with this garbage ass player and team.

  • Storm Briggs 3 years ago

    Fuck give me ten grand and ill take every charge intill they have to call a

  • James K 3 years ago

    I get what Rose was tryna say, but it ended up coming out worse. If he
    would of said he’s resting his body for the playoffs I don’t think ppl
    would have a problem. It’s the fact that he said hes thinking bout sitting
    right in meetings when he misses games. Tell that to the person who spends
    300 for a ticket to see this guy play. When you become a professional
    athlete you know signing up for. He pre much said he’s gonna make his money
    without really having to work hard for it. Noah played through plantar
    fisctis, Deng had a spinal tap during the playoffs something that could of
    killed him and they both still played. If all else fails this dude still
    has 100 mill guaranteed man and that’s without a shoe deal.

  • Tris A. 3 years ago

    Okay, coming into this season many Bulls fans knew Derrick Rose wasn’t
    going to play 82 games. Of course it would be a couple of rest days to make
    sure everything is okay for the long run when the Bulls need him but as far
    as what Derrick Rose is talking about and his future i don’t see a problem.
    Basketball can really weigh on a man that’s been through these tough
    injuries, as a Bulls fan I’m okay with Derrick Rose being cautious but
    honestly as of right now i don’t think he’s all the way in… as far as
    mentally i think he’s over thinking so much it’s effecting him. I just
    hope/pray going into the season 50 games in Derrick Rose is confident in
    his self and healthy. He isn’t soft, i know what it means for him to come
    back it’s far more than basketball. It’s chicago, the kids looking up to
    him, helping a city overcome many troubles they have (speaking on the
    violence,etc.) giving back, and so much other things. I just hope/pray it
    all works out in the long run.

  • John Martson 3 years ago

    Lol these fools putting words on rose mouth pathetic

  • Storm Briggs 3 years ago

    Fuck give me ten grand and ill take every charge intill they have to call a

  • Rasta Henkie 3 years ago

    I can’t belief he said that. If u truly want to be healthy then quit and
    don’t play competitive sports. Why do you think you get payed to much
    money. To give up some of your freedom and health to play at an elite level.
    I play the worlds Football (soccer) for more then 20 years as an amateur
    for the love of the game. But I know I sacrifice some of my health to play
    and some of my teammates even sacrifice some of there health to make a

    You can afford some augmented legs when you are done if you want to walk
    fool >.>!

  • Paulo Feliciano 3 years ago

    This really isn’t something to worry about. Rose is obviously just thinking
    about his future right now & overthinking. He’s scared that he might get
    injured again. But once he has played at least 2 seasons. He’s gonna forget
    that he ever said that. 

  • Kenya Thomas 3 years ago

    Rose I am an alumni of the “The factory” the old SVS, I went to school with
    Ben Wilson in 1984. I was in the Wolverine marching band Simeon in my blood
    but cuz, you know we got all the love for you str8 up no disrespect for
    what ummu say. Your comments were out of or order cuz, seriously on the
    real. You know how broke everybody is tryna get on that bus and el on 87th
    or 79th , no lunch money, cold in the hawk wit thin cheap jackets in the
    winter. You gettin paid cuz ! How many of us even gon make $50, 000 a year
    ever? Um not sayin hurt yourself again just sayin remember how we come up
    in Chicago. Remember how burn up 63rd is where you from and the greens
    where I grew up we are real in Chicago. All I’m askin you to do is keep it
    real with us. If you not playin just say things that dont frustrate us. We
    know you can hand em some work cuz but the comments you made when you
    gettin paid a grip are kinda tripped out. Much love and respect to you Rose
    you know that but just feel me on wat um sayin cuzzo. Big Bad Wolverines

  • Milhouse Van Houten 3 years ago

    Even though they are both Bulls, why is Michael’s name thrown into this?
    That’s like Mark Sanchez and Tom Brady getting mentioned in the same

  • KDaq Cle 3 years ago

    I find it hard to go at him the way they did, two major injuries can
    control your mind. No matter what its still there

  • jglova720 3 years ago

    I live in Chicago
    I love Rose
    And believe in life over everything
    Still want rose in Chicago and to play when he’s healthy

  • Salim Braimah 3 years ago

    Derrick Rose wasn’t bitching when he signed for that check. Smh it’s just
    basketball he will be okay. 

  • Obviously these guys never had a major knee injury. 

  • PaullHutchh 3 years ago

    Any real NBA fan knew DRose would get a major injury this season. Cmon

  • Derrick Rose is human, I tore my achilles a year ago and every time I play
    RECREATIONAL ball, that injury and healing processes is in the back of my
    mind all the time. So I cant imagine having an ACL and Meniscus Injury
    within a year at the PRO level.

    Derrick Rose seems to be very family orientated, so I think what he meant
    to say was he still wants to run and jump with his kid or kids when its all
    said and done, he doesn’t want to be one of those dads that took it to the
    limits and have to sit and watch while his kids are playing basketball or
    whatever sport.

  • Flaming Mothballs 3 years ago

    man, how you gonna question a kid from Chicago’s want to bring home a chip?
    Dumb shit. He knows what that would do for HIS city. They don’t talk about
    the shit him and Noah do for these kids in the city. Drose loves his city
    and team man and we ride with him. Long season, playoffs are more important
    than games in November. Skip is an idiot, stop using Mj as a measuring
    stick for every player in the league. Mj was a once in a lifetime athlete.
    That’s why he was so great cuz no one was like him.

  • kmod73 3 years ago

    These comments by Stephen & Skip are one of the reasons I hardly watch them
    anymore. How do you blast Rose for his comments but defend and suck up to
    Mayweather even when he calls you out? What’s wrong with thinking about
    your future? He didn’t say he doesn’t play hard when he’s on the floor. His
    injuries must take a pyschological toll on you everytime you play. He’s
    only human and being honest. People need to chill the f*ck out and stop
    blowing things out of porportion everytime someone makes a comment.

  • alex yuen 3 years ago

    i really dont get why niggas trynna say healthy rose would go to the finals
    over LEBRON?! are ya niggas out of ya fucking mind. this boy lebron got 2
    rings, 4mvp is physically, shooting, driving, defense, everything better
    than drose. drose got 1 fucking mvp how can this nigga be chosen over
    fucking lebron, stephen a smoked some shit or something. lebron, kyrie and
    love are also better as a big 3 than rose, gasol and noah. smh niggas….

  • MrTorsation476858 3 years ago

    It’s crazy cause he’s only 26. 

  • Muddy Wolf 3 years ago

    These guys are extrapolating what Derrick said to such a degree that it’s
    coming across like vindictiveness. If a guy like D.Rose who’s played 10
    games in 2 years can’t discuss his long term health with candour, then who
    can. I find what Lebron and Dirk said about 82 games being too much far
    more egregious.

  • Eric Hearn 3 years ago

    Is it just me or did Skip Bayless and Stephan A. Smith’s comments about
    Derrick Rose sound like the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard? To say that
    Rose’s statements are disgusting and that Chicago doesn’t want Rose anymore
    is the most idiotic shit I’ve ever heard these pompous pricks ever say!…

  • fau2an100 3 years ago

    starting to lose faith in d rose. its like he chooses to play one day (and
    plays great mind you) and then sits out the next day. sad to see

    and also i dont think those were his words. his advisors or family or
    someone else told him to say that nonsense. I dont blame him for those
    words but i do blame him for not having the common sense to not say them in
    a public platform

    we love you d rose but this is starting to get excessive