Emeka Okafor hits this insane bank-shot buzzer-beater to force overtime against the Jazz where the Hornets would go on and win the game 121-117.




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  • TheShale187 3 years ago

    @MileyKillsChildren actually its the other way around. Emeka Okafor made
    this shot months before Gasol

  • majornewb 3 years ago

    Okafor is a beast

  • FreshZerglings 3 years ago

    How come Lebron can’t do that?

  • ARKO942 3 years ago

    Millsap did everything right that night except he made the free throw
    instead of missing it.

  • Crono454 3 years ago

    @emajestics Because a person has to start the clock.

  • @jayOLAY. he said “OOOH OOOH HE BANKED IT” not maked lol

  • dizzak101 3 years ago

    @SadegoGG chill out dude before you make so many assumptions, it’s just a
    comment XD

  • greenmatrix151023387 3 years ago

    @pancon5 yup they traded their franchise player ,one of the best coaches in
    the league retired but theyll be back im sure

  • Nathaniel Tinner 3 years ago

    @510markman510 it’s Utah. that goes for all Black people.

  • utubesuckz 3 years ago

    Ty Corbin – “Are you not entertained”

  • davidgk 3 years ago

    so which team won?

  • Ro0key 3 years ago

    @MIKEANDMITCHVIDEOS First, i wanted to argue. but than i watched the replay
    and changed my mind.

  • btak90 3 years ago

    when okafor is running after he makes it, he looks like shaq when he got
    that alley oop from kobe

  • martz hoffman 3 years ago

    Okafor is like goal he reminds me of a soccer player even the announcer
    reaction is like GOALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon Arnbuckle 3 years ago

    @MIKEANDMITCHVIDEOS Your argument skills are undeveloped. I guess people
    don’t socialize anymore, instead they use their girly little cell phones
    and facebook…so its basically expected. Its no wonder the average person
    reads at a grade 7 level even though they communicate via computer, and
    therefore read whats being communicated.

  • Jon Arnbuckle 3 years ago

    @HoopsAndFastCars4Eva I haven’t made any ‘nerdy scientific comments.’ And
    if your saying having an abundance of general or specialized knowledge
    (Which I presume is what you call a nerd) is a bad thing…then I don’t see
    your point. I would rather have highly specialized knowledge than to read
    at a grade 7 level and not being able to differentiate between a thought
    and an idea (The belief that the Jazz team was unlucky is an idea, which is
    an accumulation of thoughts).

  • killerclam57 3 years ago

    how did paul still make a touch pass the guy is a amazing and o yea so was
    the shot

  • killerclam57 3 years ago

    @FreshZerglings smh hater

  • Kelvin Celestra 3 years ago

    paul was fouled!!

  • MarreroBoss91 3 years ago

    @grayson901 LMAO! that jus made my day!!

  • Rdouble Tdot 3 years ago

    Emeka is more clutch than lebron haha

  • LiLBasketBaller 3 years ago

    lool look at Jarrett Jack fist he was gonna celebrate with Okafor then he
    saw cp3 on the ground then he changed direction…

  • Invisus944 3 years ago

    @emajestics The TV clock doesn’t match the “true” shot clock. In late game
    situations, you should never look at the TV clock (same scenario as
    Stoudemire’s buzzer beater 3 that didn’t count).

  • holo matt 3 years ago

    @hoboking14 ty

  • jayOLAY 3 years ago