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  • StandoffSiren02 3 years ago

    He is the next Kyle Busch. He dumps everyone, with-in the rule book, then
    gets mad when someone else does the same. 

  • WildWeaselNASCAR 3 years ago

    I thought Jacques Villeneuve still racing in NASCAR….

  • Ted Mosby 3 years ago

    Random, but anytime I hear about Tag racing I immediately think of that
    Paul Tracy fight a while back. Anyone remember? Good times

  • Witty YouTube name 3 years ago

    I for some reason don’t like chase it’s something about him he’s good but
    some of the decisions that he makes are just dumb

  • faithcoredrummer 3 years ago

    Chase Elliott is to soft to be a driver. Cant have people walk all over

  • Ricky Wolf 3 years ago

    Exactly, of all people, Elliot is the one who should have seen that coming.
    But he didn’t flip out so he’s still respected.

  • Jake Finch 3 years ago

    He said he hates when someone who doesnt run the series full time comes in
    a beats on him a little. Pssh i guess he dont remember how he won at
    Mosport asshole 

  • SLJR16 3 years ago

    Chase can be lucky it wasn’t Villeneuve in the 22 lol. He would have been
    in the wall and really had something to complain about. Tagliani was mild
    compared to him lol