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  • NebulaSport 3 years ago

    Hi there, I see you like ice hockey. I have started posting the results up
    for different ice hockey leagues in Britain. if you want to, you can drop
    by and take a peek at the vids?

  • NebulaSport 3 years ago

    the teams are:
    Belfast Giants
    Nottingham Panthers
    Sheffield Steelers
    Coventry Blaze
    Cardiff Devils
    Braehead Clan
    Edinburgh Capitals
    Dundee Stars
    Fife Flyers
    Hull Stingrays

  • panthers1946 3 years ago

    we got dundee stars, braehead clan, edinburgh capitals, sheffield steelers,
    coventry blaze, cardiff devils, newcastle vipers, belfast giants, and the
    mighty NOTTINGHAM PANTHERS for 2010-11 season…did i miss anyone??? i only
    got 9….oops! there’s 10…..there’s no manchester or basingstoke though
    as they’re in the EPL…

  • Martyn Clough 3 years ago

    Yeah, sadly it was the only 1 i could find. Sorry

  • okpapereat 3 years ago

    theres really few brithish hockey players here in north america such as
    Owen Nolan and Steve Stumpy Thomas but only those british players are good.
    I would watch english premiership soccer instead way more exciting great to
    see rooney on the pitch. But yea thats my thoughts on british hockey

  • Ka Aw 3 years ago

    the finishes last, last season lol

  • hamsterDUDE999 3 years ago

    so 1 1/2 of half time

  • azambrap 3 years ago

    @macauleymcdowell Nottingham is bigger its the biggest in england

  • AntoG1986 3 years ago

    @doco1996. I don’t know why they even bothered with a team in Hull. They
    already have two rugby teams and a football team, where would the interest

  • britgirl19 3 years ago

    Ahhh, I loved ice hockey but since the superleague died out, I’ve not been
    to any games as my local team doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve been to the
    Newcastle arena, Sheffield arena and the Manchester arena (when it was in
    MENA). Those arenas were FAB!!!

  • Latexi84 3 years ago

    Holy Jesus those rinks are nice!!!! Never thought there is big arenas in UK

  • sufcfox 3 years ago

    steelers are the biggest side with most fans

  • TGwynforS 3 years ago

    Nice Vid Azstong!

  • scotty mika 3 years ago


  • phoenixdiao 3 years ago


  • azambrap 3 years ago

    @jovovich1999 nope nottingham do

  • Martyn Clough 3 years ago

    A hockey game lasts 2 1/2 hours, but its actually just 60 mins playing
    time, coz the clock stops ticking when the play stops. Hope that makes

  • panthers1946 3 years ago

    @titanicmad4ever they do have teams. they’re in the lower leagues…

  • Martyn Clough 3 years ago

    I made this video when Basingstoke & Manchester were in the league.

  • Martyn Clough 3 years ago

    no, they play 3, 20 minute periods.

  • Ducesweden 3 years ago

    @lamonster16 In Europe you probably can compare the leauge with the second
    highest leauges in Sweden, Germany, Chezch republic and such. It would be
    really fun to see some practice games here against english teams.

  • Matty Plant 3 years ago

    i go 2 EVERY vipers game!!

  • tonyhandrules9 3 years ago

    kwl vid phoenix rink looks wierd like that

  • Colin Heasley 3 years ago

    The mighty Belfast Giants for life Wooooo!!

  • Chloe Thacker 3 years ago

    GMB Nottingham Panthers :DD Thier the best :)