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  • SUPEREEVEEMASTER 3 years ago

    Heading into the race I knew it wasn’t going to happen for him, but getting
    involved in a wreck late is a very frustrating way to close the cap on his
    championship hopes.

  • Danilo Mancini 3 years ago

    Feel’s bad for the Jr fans =/

  • Noah Coleman 3 years ago

    Let the Biffle/Gilliland hate, “This format sucks”, “I’m done with NASCAR”

  • AlphaXCalibur 3 years ago

    Dale jr needed this win more than anyone no doubt about that, becuz not
    only was he still trying to contend for his 1st sprint cup championship
    finally but Jr has a legacy that his dad left behind to live up to, plus
    having over half the fans in the stands especially at Talladega on his
    side. But there is no doubt that cuz of both his popularity & legacy of his
    father that Dale jr needed this win more than anybody else & to see it
    taken away by a stupid shove from that idiot gilliland into biffle into
    Junior just completely screwed him out of it for good, along with not being
    able to get to the front in time. Jeff Gordon is the only hendrick car left
    now which I’m fine with cuz I don’t think Jimmie Johnson needs anything
    more at this point, Jimmie Johnson can retire right now & he’d still be a
    hall of famer in my opinion. How the hell Matt Kenseth is still in the
    chase on points & no wins I have no clue. But as far as those guys like
    Logano, Harvick, Newman, Denny Hamlin & the guys that are going for their
    first, best of luck to them. I will say Danica as far as I saw was one of
    few drivers to be able to get around Jimmie Johnson was pretty cool & the
    way she got around him with Jimmie being a 6-time champion is pretty
    impressive on her part I gotta say, even though her usual finish didn’t
    turn out as well, but goes to show she is showing slight improvement

  • JR8894 3 years ago

    I’m really mad at Biffle and Gilliand for doin dat to jr

  • Leuel48Fan 3 years ago

    He took out the 48 in Kansas, now this. What the actual fuck?

  • ZZBlue Comet 3 years ago

    Has there ever been a more over-hyped, over-rated sports figure than Dale
    Jr. or Danica Patrick? You see their names everywhere in NASCAR and I
    mean on every flag, every shirt, every tent, every chain wallet and on and
    on. Yet, neither has or ever will have anything close to a Championship!
    Junior dominates the PR in his sport like Tiger and Jordon did, but those
    guys won championships! Junior=Fail

  • Dieter Manero 3 years ago

    Too bad Danica didnt get clipped :-(

  • I69Highwayuser 3 years ago

    Take that Jr. Nation! :)

  • Witty YouTube name 3 years ago

    This race didn’t feel proper to me because there wasn’t that huge wreck we
    were all expecting. Still an exciting and entertaining race

  • nicholas williamson 3 years ago

    biffle strikes again lol

  • Noah Coleman 3 years ago

    Notice at 0:11, all of the fans in the infield. Normally, if a big wreck
    happens in front of them, they will put their fists in the air and cheer.
    This time, they’re just standing there. Did they all lose their voice when
    Kyle crashed or..

  • MCCapitalist 3 years ago

    Welp, you know what this means Stevie! One more year? :D

  • Earnhardtsquarepants 3 years ago

    Can someone please tell me if it was biffle or gilliland who wreaked Jr
    either way ;( :( :( :( :(

  • MEtallica021319 3 years ago

    Bahahahaha. Junior gets no championship. Haha

  • Julio Cezar Kronbauer 3 years ago

    #NASCAR 2014 Sprint Cup at Talladega Dale Earnhardt Jr. wrecks in first #GWC
    attempt http://youtu.be/k_QeImqtV6M

  • MikeChase 3 years ago

    lol NASCAR and their phony points system is a failure, how are they gonna
    change it next year so Jr can win? A fan vote?

  • Aaron Denson 3 years ago

    So many hurt Jr fans are gonna blame Biffle for it when in actuality Biffle
    got bumped by Gilliland. But Jr will play spoiler. I think he will win at

  • J Lesane 3 years ago

    Dear jr fans,
    J lesane

  • Patrick Star 3 years ago

    Horrible day for Hendricks all up to the 24 now

  • Ryan Griser 3 years ago

    F**k u Greg Biffle he seriously needed a caution because he was in like
    15th or so I’m sorry if any Biffle fans are reading this but I’m just
    really upset that he did that to my favorite driver good luck in 2015 Dale
    you’re going to need it

  • Timothy Muff 3 years ago

    These past three races would’ve ended Jr’s championship hopes in ANY of the
    past formats. Just happy with the season he’s had and hope he can continue
    to build on that with the new CC next year. 

  • PyR0Star 3 years ago

    well this fucn sux, and would you please change the opener vid I’m sick of
    seeing the 18, and I hate M&ms

  • epzik8 3 years ago

    Junior was already on the brink of elimination so this didn’t really matter
    for him.