Dwight Howard's Top 10 Career Dunks

Visit http://www.nba.com/video for more highlights. Get ready for the 2008 Sprite Slam Dunk contest and check out the Top 10 career dunks of Dwight Howard, w…
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  • Tomás Chalissila 3 years ago
  • giehlemanns 3 years ago

    last 2 were sick

  • DLG GALAN 3 years ago

    #2 should of been #1

  • Maduri Liyanage 3 years ago

    These videos are wonderful. I’m here simply because my best friend out of
    the blue turned awesome with chicks. He started attracting women overnight.
    I found myself astounded. He pretended he didn’t realize. He finally
    admitted it two days ago. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master
    Attraction Formula. Google it and you’ll find it… He’s seeing a beauty…
    Lucky guy!

  • Kyzuuh 3 years ago

    Man he’s not the same with the lakers… He doesn’t get nearly that high. I
    hope he gets back to this.

  • Emmanuel Chaviano 3 years ago

    kobe dunk on him

  • BabsonBoys 3 years ago

    Good trade would be bosh for Howard talk about a stacked starting 5 for the

  • Bajedu 3 years ago

    is there bench any good?

  • ricky wilson 3 years ago

    im 15 bro i dont drink, i remember this i just started replying back to a
    ton of comments and there were alot of dumbass comments towards me that
    were pissing me off haha my bad

  • cam theiler 3 years ago

    those dunks suck hes just tall that’s all

  • MultiScienceMan 3 years ago

    Yes, they rely on post moves, not heavily. All the guys you mentioned
    aren’t even all-star caliber players. Brook Lopez rarely does anything that
    impresses me. I see him using his mid range jumper more than he does with
    the post moves. Only player you mentioned that is even worth mentioning in
    the Hall of Fame is Tim Duncan, and he’s older than the dirt the players
    play under.

  • Lawrence Singh 3 years ago

    Actually found 4 and 2 the nicest…

  • Riccardo Esclapon 3 years ago

    errmmmm I don’t think so bud…. 0-2…. not a championship team’s start

  • Mandla S 3 years ago

    he was injured all season

  • snoopyvsme 3 years ago

    you try getting a vertical leap of 40 inches when you weigh 265 pounds

  • Bill Russell 3 years ago

    Come to see my first mix/video of Kevin Durant ! Comment, like and
    suscribe, thanks :)

  • xdmsboy 3 years ago

    dj augustine( i dont know if its right spelling) + rest of bobcats team=ring

  • Scott Hitchon 3 years ago

    chill ricky go sit at the trailer and have yourself another beer

  • BabsonBoys 3 years ago


  • yalla habib 3 years ago

    welcome to los angeles

  • hamham1995 3 years ago

    4 of 6 passes came from hedo <3 they are a dream team

  • Cam M 3 years ago

    Fantastic start in the pre-season…

  • MultiScienceMan 3 years ago

    I know he’s the best center in the league, when he’s playing like he used
    to. But he’s not. The best center in this league isn’t even Top 20 back in
    the 90′s. Center position is useless now. The NBA is even changing the
    all-star ballot eliminating the Center position. Most centers or other
    6’10″ guys aren’t even going into the post, they’re shooting mid range to 3
    pointers. The center position is dead and will likely never be revived.

  • alex drew 3 years ago

    u have no idea

  • Rinneganist 3 years ago

    i hope he’s gonna stay ;)