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  • bigstudwithaguitar 3 years ago

    Magic aint got nothin on his team. He’s got… Malone… that’s it. Jordan
    had Ewing, Pippen, Barkley, and Bird. It aint no fuckin mystery why Magic
    never had a chance.

  • 1089aef 3 years ago

    Personally, I don’t understand what’s it like to be THAT COMPETITIVE, but
    you can’t say anything about Michael Jordan’s determination because he won
    6 championships in 8 years. That’s amazing! Kobe Bryant won half and Lebron
    James didn’t even do what Kobe Bryant did. In my opinion, until you can do
    what Michael Jordan and the Bulls did in the 90′s, sit down! LOL

  • Salvatore Scarfo' 3 years ago
  • Oman D 3 years ago

    MJ took the crown, guys these days posing they have the crown but they
    joined other elites to take it.

  • Barry Callaghan 3 years ago

    Anyone know if the footage of the game alone, is out there in the internets

  • NEWJACKPOLOBOI 3 years ago

    Give him the damn ball and get out of his way

  • Lebron Jordan 3 years ago

    majic and michael vs kobe and lebron…. un dapat

  • Sorapong Thaimusic 3 years ago

    today plaqyers lack the iq and will and competitive like these guys thats y
    the nba sucks now

  • Mad Dogg 3 years ago

    Greatest game ever!!! Thats when men were men!!! ALOT of these nba players
    cry way to much

  • zheng guan 3 years ago


  • TheShogun1987 3 years ago

    Mj cold blooded lol 

  • LeBronJamesKobeBryant 3 years ago