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  • Adam G. 3 years ago

    He’s right on. As a former collegiate pitcher, I believe these should be
    made mandatory. I had numerous close calls. 60 feet is not much of a
    reactionary distance when it comes to line drives.

  • xavier415 3 years ago

    I think he is on the right track. I think the material he has in his cap is
    very bulky. Maybe it would be a better path to line his had with a thinner
    D3O material. D3O is used in motorcycle spine protectors, knee, chest,
    elbow inserts. The material is usually perforated for breathability. Google
    D3O you will be amazed by its properties. 

  • ConsciousDrone 3 years ago

    I once took a line drive to the neck. Stopped playing baseball after that. 

  • LeRoN3o 3 years ago

    Lmao Super Mario.. I Respect The Safety Effort 

  • soulofthebang 3 years ago

    I play softball and recreational Baseball. I adapted to wearing mouth guard
    when taking the mound and it boost my confidence

  • Young Fella 3 years ago

    Genius. It’s his laboratory where safety is number 1 priority!!

  • Honky Tonk 3 years ago

    It’s easy to design a better looking cap. Do it!

  • MadSaltySkills 3 years ago


  • J Chu 3 years ago

    you never know when you will get hit by a 90MPH ball. safetysafetysafety

  • Jonah Gillund 3 years ago

    I would wear that!

  • SSArt98 3 years ago

    Why I quit pitching!