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  • dananguish11 3 years ago

    I’m sorry but Stewart revved his engine and swerved to the right, RIGHT
    into the guy. People there that day also reported having seen them having a
    confrontation…and Stewart’s threatened others with this same kind of
    shite. He should be prosecuted…all the other drivers swerved and slowed
    down…the blue car sure did, so I don’t believe for one second he couldn’t
    see him…he accelerated AND swerved INTO the guy. Premeditated murder in
    the first degree.

  • chaos8585 3 years ago

    If you jump out of your car and start hopping around on the track like that
    it is automatically that persons fault if they get hit.Unless the car is
    burning, in the way of direct harm, or at risk of blowing up, you do not
    get out of the car during the race until the proper people come and get you
    out. It is a tragedy, but He knew he wasn’t supposed to leave his vehicle,
    but he did it anyway. If anyone was exhibiting rage it was him.

  • Rebecca Billingsley 3 years ago

    Lol just because he drives for a living don’t mean he did not do it on
    purpose watch he swerves right into him ! I watched it many times I think
    he did mean to hit him maybe not kill him but still ! If I did it I’d be
    under the jail ! 

  • Alex Mistery 3 years ago

    since allot of other drivers seem to avoid him, this guy should at least
    lose the right to participate in any competitions for 5-10 years if not for
    killing a guy in the middle of the track at least for psychological
    reasons. seriously, killing someone , even without intention is still
    killing someone.

  • fetishmaster2004 3 years ago

    for all you idiots who say tony stewart hit him on purpose, you are all
    jack asses…tony is a professional driver and would not have done that
    intentionally..he has to live with that now for the rest of his life. No
    offense but Ward, who is only 20 yrs old obviously did not have enough
    experience to know not to jump out of his car, during a race…a night race
    no less…and jump into on coming traffic…i mean the guy pretty much
    sealed his own fate the moment he let his emotions over ride common sense

  • Randall Landry 3 years ago

    Nope it was intentionally. Other cars missed him and he hit him on purpose.

  • stephanie washington 3 years ago

    Kevin ward Jr is dead..he was pissed at Stewart for making him crash…
    but if he would have waited to all the cars stopped he would still be
    alive..seems like the three time winner Stewart had some beef with Kevin so
    he clipped him on purpose and when Kevin goes to cus him out, Stewart
    probably thought this young shit..i will show him..and then he killed him.
    All the other drivers saw him and turned their wheel to not run him over
    but Stewart’s god complex seem to take over if only for a split second,
    going 50miles per hr that’s all u need is a second..i hope charges r

  • DAN V. 3 years ago

    Dumb ass thought he was invincible. Who walks out on a race track, with
    speeding cars, at night, dressed in dark clothing…? Proved your point,
    tough guy. That said, sorry to the fam.

  • Avonlea Montague 3 years ago

    Those screams give me chills.

  • Rebecca Billingsley 3 years ago

    That shit was on purpose ! He swerved to hit him !!!!!!! But hey is a
    famous person so no big deal he can do what he wants just like justin Beber

  • Avonlea Montague 3 years ago

    Those screams give me chills.

  • Dennis Nachnamen 3 years ago

    the darwin award goes to: KEVIN WARD!!!

  • TACcity 3 years ago

    Honestly what would Tony Stewart have to gain hitting this kid. The kid
    acted like a fool jumping out of his sprint car, first thing they are
    taught is to stay in the vehicle. Not be a little baby jump out and talking
    shit to cars that are going easily 100 miles per hour on a muddy track
    especially coming out of a turn. My condolences to the family but damn,
    Darwin strikes again.

  • Andgrey 3 years ago

    Wouldn’t he have a pretty good view of that side of the track as he would
    be looking left as he came around the corner? He must have known he was on
    the track before he came up on him

  • comnsense32 3 years ago

    they be slippin and slidin and swervin

  • F3502000 3 years ago

    Hope Stewart is done racing. NASCAR doesn’t need him to carry on. There are
    plenty of other stars who shine where he has fizzled out. There is a great
    crop of new racers coming up as well. 15 minutes after he get mentioned
    he’s forgotten. Later chump…you can sell your half of Stewart Haas and go
    home and chuck your helmet around.

  • Itsallgood 3 years ago

    Stewarts guilty of malicious intent leading to death of driver.
    Manslaughter. They’ll clean his clock in civil court

  • Ray Snut 3 years ago

    I have raced sprint cars for 52 years. I also have a Ph.D in forensic video
    analysis and I can read minds of people that I have never met when those
    people are thousands of miles away on a race track. Nevertheless, I am
    unable to draw any conclusions from the video of the incident involving
    Tony Stewart & Kevin Ward Jr. What I do KNOW is that the sheriff in charge
    of the investigation has said that they have no evidence in hand at this
    time that shows that a crime was committed. At this time there are no
    criminal charges pending against Mr. Stewart. The investigation continues
    and the professional investigators have access to much more information
    than any of us. I would suggest that we all wait until the proper
    authorities complete the investigation instead of making scurrilous

  • Captan Kirk 3 years ago

    should have stayed in the car then beefed after ….

  • AdrieaNichkole 3 years ago

    When he hit him he swerved to do so., that was on purpose. 

  • pho king harde 3 years ago

    thumbs up if Egyptian midget oil wrestling brought you here too……

  • Ron Smith 3 years ago

    aimed right for the kid? what video were you watching ? IF YOU WALK OUT ON
    THE TRACK THATS WHAT CAN HAPPEN !!! jesus, thats a terrible thing but to
    put it on someone as intentional is beyond comprehensible.

  • andrew minty 3 years ago

    Tony had a car in front of him that also nearly hit Ward. I had the same
    thing happen once after dark, but minimal injury. No way Tony sam him until
    it was too late.
    In my case, 45 mph road, no street lights, 5:00 am, and the guy was riding
    his bike on the road. I had a van in front of me. I knocked off side mirror
    off his elbow and he wiped out.
    RIP Ward, but you did yourself in.

  • dabadcod4 3 years ago

    wow for all of you saying that he accelerated into the kid are morons…
    watch the video again you can clearly see the car that barely avoided kevin
    hit the throttle to keep his lead. also try drive with a racing helmet let
    alone at night… you can hardly see any peripherals.

  • John Williamson 3 years ago

    Seems to me that around the same moment Stewart gunned his engine, Ward
    turned to keep from being hit, as if he knew he was in trouble. Hard to
    know for sure though.