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  • Dirty Mitten 4 years ago

    Damn. Avery was way to nice! Even tho it was close….Its really wasn’t.
    The top Euro Men should play the top American women. Then it might be fair.
    USA will NEVER lose this! America for life! hahaha

  • DiscGolfinSOB 4 years ago

    Those saying this is terrible footage are retarded. It’s a highlights video
    and go check out LCGM8′s youtube channel. He has some of the best footage
    of disc golf on the net.

  • Se7en49 4 years ago

    I love that shot where it looks like the disc hits the car and then rolls
    back in bounds!!

  • scrapp1e 4 years ago

    Central Coast does a killer job as well. The camera work is much improved
    and they have the best commentary around.

  • miniroman 4 years ago

    They have footage from all the rounds, hole by hole. They’re releasing
    highlight videos for now.

  • aport013 4 years ago

    the dancing at the end is just plain epic.

  • Kristian Bengtsson 4 years ago

    Marty who?? lcgm8 sets the standard of discgolf online and has been doing
    that for years. The commentary on Central Coast videos give me nothing,
    it’s like listen to two drunk guys, fun for like 15 minutes and then I mute

  • Tony F 4 years ago

    Nice Job spintv. Great coverage.

  • Saemj Baumgartner 4 years ago

    Oh my god that car hit and roll back in at 7:30 was hillarious. Did he want
    to throw the skip on the road ? Looks like a clever line if you check for
    cars first ^^

  • Kahuna Cazares 4 years ago

    Looked like so much fun

  • Magnuuuus 4 years ago

    gotta love those moves at the end bro !

  • Fonztyc 4 years ago

    OMG is that Nate doss throwing the mythical NUKE at 8:38 ?

  • Ben Noyes 4 years ago


  • Rodney Hany 4 years ago

    I think it was great. Good job guys with the highlights. The more coverage
    there is the more it grows the sport. Thanks.

  • Brandin Bowler 4 years ago

    This footage is great, may not be the best available but a solid effort and
    good stuff overall.

  • Brett Rosso 4 years ago

    I would be kinda torque’d if i was Paige having to wear a XXL shirt…it
    would annoy the hell outta me.

  • Pat Blazek 4 years ago

    7:33 has to be one of the craziest rolls I have ever seen

  • Marcus Oatman 4 years ago

    yes yes.. more vids of pro’s acting like the rest of us for the win

  • Monzderi 4 years ago

    11:18 Russian flag upside down

  • Anthony Brand 4 years ago

    They all have awesome footage, agreed for sure man. You gotta remember this
    is a HIGHLIGHT video though, not full event coverage. I will say that 1080p
    is definitely not working correctly and 720p is fuzzier than it should be,
    the video may need to be re-upped. The reason you got so many negative
    votes is because you shared your opinion, and it just so happens that
    people who read the video’s description and watch LCGM8′s other videos
    don’t agree with you.

  • Paul Compton 4 years ago

    Avery seems to have a really hard time remembering that “Europe” isn’t a
    country, lol. Nice vid.

  • Dosta2010 4 years ago

    Central Coast and Marty stand alone no doubt. People mad as fuck throwing
    me negative votes when this footage is shit. You can barely see the disc
    and they don’t even do hole layouts etc.

  • Dosta2010 4 years ago

    It is terrible footage faggot. Hope you get bit by a snake on hole 10 and
    don’t make it back.

  • Dosta2010 4 years ago

    Pretty bad footage. Marty is by far the best on youtube. Spin, y’all should
    find a way to get full tournament coverage and entire round play from pros.
    If you want to be the best disc golf channel there is I’d start with that.
    The “In My Bag” footage and different plastics are quick and fun to watch
    but finding solid round play is tough.