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  • TheGU1T4RFR3AK 2 years ago

    Someone put some steel suspensions on that knee. I dont know man.. The
    damage is done.. Especially torn acls.. The ligament wont be as strong.
    With his play style, his knee cant handle it no more

  • hoe runner 2 years ago


  • Warren Lowe 2 years ago

    Man i hate derrick rose……………..this vid #sucks#eatschoad#isdumb

  • 0511LAMBO 2 years ago

    I mean Russell Westbrook suffered the same injury..

  • josh galvan 2 years ago

    Go bulls

  • TheSergeant007 2 years ago

    first song plz

  • Ray Mad 2 years ago

    Derrick Rose already getting soreness from exhibition games with USA. All
    bulls fans will be holding their breaths until playoffs comes next year
    cause hes gotta make it to the playoffs healthy before I’m convinced hes
    not going to end up like Brandon Roy. I hope his knees hold up.

  • Young Gunz 2 years ago

    Hope he comes back healthy next year the 3 teams I root for is Chicago
    rockets and old spurs …..he Chicago much love for this dud grate how he
    plays man 

  • ericknation8 2 years ago

    the name of the songs please!!

  • Dorian Hill 2 years ago

    Derrick rose will be the same but with a better shot. His three had
    increased dramatically. 

  • 97MrChicago 2 years ago

    1:36 complete tomahawk of basket!!!!

  • Mert Sirin 2 years ago

    People that are hating on Rose, what would you do in his situation? You had
    multiple unfortunate injuries. Would you give up? No. Hell no. I respect
    Rose and wish him nothing but a healthy, successful career. I play
    basketball, I get injured and I come back because I love playing the game
    and no injury is going to stop that. Go Rose, go BULLS!

  • ExtremeGaming564 2 years ago

    No I don’t believe that d rose is done I’m a rose fan and bulls fan
    till,the end and there is hope for Derrick rose and until its official I
    believe thar rose can come back even better than before but till then I
    hopenrose gets healthy

  • Chi - RaQ 2 years ago

    I doubt it .. He’s done , as a Chicago native and Bulls fan all my life.
    Rose always gonna be my favorite basketball player but I hate to say this
    he got noodle legs. Bulls need to start thinking for the future, get Melo.
    If we don’t win a championship next year is better off trading Rose to
    Pistons to get Brandon Jennings or official point guard who plays like a
    point guard who can avg. 16pts and 9+ assist a game that’s all we need.
    #GoBulls! We need someone to carry this city and give us happy time like
    Jordan and Pip did. Don’t keep your hopes up on this guy he’s DONE! 

  • Bilal Bhatti 2 years ago

    Im the biggest fan of Derek Rose! I watched him in high school and i taught
    him how to play when he was in elementry school! it was cool and very proud
    of him! bulls for life!

  • chris aravadinos 2 years ago

    Two words…………..Steph Curry

  • Betbettington54 2 years ago

    I will be driving from detroit to Chicago to go show support for my boy d
    rose this season! 

  • Panos Vasileiou 2 years ago

    wtf man i will get photoepilepsy if i watch the whole video

  • Tyler McGee 2 years ago

    i cry on videos like this

  • Jesse Delacruz 2 years ago

    Love this video! 

  • Cédric Solignac 2 years ago

    Derrick rose is my favorite basket ball player thé NBA all time.

  • shrekiboi 2 years ago

    EFF YOU STEPHEN A SMITH for saying that Derrick Rose of old is FINISHED!!
    This guy is so FULL OF HIMSELF. He does not take criticisms well because he
    thinks that he knows it all. That body that was injured is not your body.
    How could you make a statement like that where even other people would not
    know what lies in the future after that. The life/ reseliency or
    recuperation VARIES from every individual. I am just doing the talking but
    I’ll let him prove you wrong… Oh by the way HE IS CURRENTLY PROVING YOU
    WRONG. And you can stick you serious fat face right up your a** for saying
    that. How could you, it is not your body so technically you cannot

  • Dr1846 2 years ago

    Bitch asss clown ass niccas

  • mercy9327 2 years ago

    the return 2016. HD