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  • jay bee 4 years ago

    Free Denny 2013! Nascar you dropped the ball good luck rebounding from this

  • blackcatmusic 4 years ago

    he was fined for this? this is so dumb.guy can’t have an opinion? he is the
    driver,he knows whats goin on behind the wheel. the forefathers of nascar
    would be ashamed how petty the sport has become.

  • JohnAllanification 4 years ago

    they chose the11 to be the scape-goat whilst several driver’s are being
    honest (abt the gen6).

  • wilber53 4 years ago

    Worst car that NASCAR has ever introduced! If you cant bump draft or pass
    in Daytona Race,the fans are going to have a long boring racing season!

  • DogmeatFilms 4 years ago

    fuck you NASCRAP! Denny’s innocent! Sports aren’t some fucking dictatorship!