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  • nyeeezy 4 years ago

    lol clippers a team that consist of 3 tough wannabes.. barnes jordan and

  • Qingyang Gan 4 years ago

    Stop with saying jordan flew 6 feet or whatsoever crap. Jordan used his
    forearm to back bogut up while bogut uses his arm and flings jordan. Watch
    the clip. Jordan ain’t a weakling dawg. 

  • Marz916 4 years ago

    What’s Jordan going to do? Bogut probably wrestles with crocodiles and
    punches kangaroos in the snout!

  • sexypimp911 4 years ago

    Bogut should be careful he might break his arm again

  • Brendon Craig 4 years ago

    Bogut would lay this little nigger out

  • Carlos Inda 4 years ago


  • DavidsTheBestAt2K12 4 years ago

    Bogut would of decked Jordan. Bogut would of gone straya on him and gutter
    stomped him

  • HeyClassyy 4 years ago

    I don’t even like Bogut that much but he would fuck Jordan up. Jordan looks
    like he’s been taking lessons from Matt Barnes in pretending to be tough.

  • Bazooka Joe 4 years ago

    clippers are pussies and they have the king pussy in fake griffin

  • amigo man 4 years ago

    DeAndre: wat ur gonna do nigga, gonna wreck u muthafucka, wut ur gonna do
    Bogut: Fuck you (goes for him)

  • Batuhan Dinç 4 years ago

    Bogut’s mom is a bitch

  • 2DigitalX 4 years ago

    Forget the Clippers, Lets go Warriors!

  • Robby303 4 years ago

    i watched it about 10 times. I can’t see how the ball didn’t go in. 

  • Garrett Zieske 4 years ago

    When Jordon pushed Bogut, Bogut moved about 3 inches but when bogut pushed
    jordon he flew back like 3 ft and his teammates had to catch him LOL

  • Jared Fitzgerald 4 years ago

    Bogut is Australian, you don’t fuck with Aussies lol.

  • Andreas Johnson 4 years ago

    You know Deandre didn’t wanna fight when he started clapping.

  • Haile A. 4 years ago

    Jordan pushed with his forearm….Bogut used both of his arms. Deandre
    would murk Bogut.

  • andrew parks 4 years ago

    There’s few players in the league who could actually throw down with Bogut.
    David West, Al Harrington, maybe a couple bigs I could see Tyson chandler
    being pretty scrappy

  • Namaste Connect 4 years ago

    Andrew Bogus 

  • Darkdante44 4 years ago

    deandre would kick bogut’s ass

  • WestCoastDon448 4 years ago

    i cant stand the clippers just a bunch of fake tough guys. cp3 a pussy,
    blakes a pussy, deandres a pussy, the only tough guys are barnes and
    jackson and they just play dirty all the time, fuck the clippers i cant
    wait till you get bounced out in the first round again

  • mercer ana graves 4 years ago

    all of you are ignorant bitches, ahahha. deandre would kill bogut. 

  • leetjordan 4 years ago


  • utahjazz9com 4 years ago

    DJ definitely overreacted, that was just a hard foul… no flagrant or

  • T. Michael Stone 4 years ago

    Why y’all hating so hard on Deandre Jordan??? Let’s see one of you mother
    fuckers post him up. Not likely!