David Beckham picks wedgie, Neymar gets called overrated, Goalkeeper is attacked by crazy fan, England vs Brazil, Messi boot update, and more! Say Little Dap…




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  • OnlineSoccerAcademy.com 4 years ago

    Thanks, my pronunciation is awful. Sorry. A little dap is a cooler way to
    say hello. Figured it was cooler then trying to give the screen a
    handshake! It’s my way of making you feel like an individual watching this
    video, not me just talking to thousands.

  • Conal O'Sullivan 4 years ago

    It’s pronounced Jill-ing-um btw. But nice video :) Also what is Little Dap?

  • OnlineSoccerAcademy.com 4 years ago

    David Beckham Picks Wedgie – Soccer News Weekly http://youtu.be/9D7rzkbQlVkDo you think Neymar is overrated? (watch show)

  • SkittlesVSnickers 4 years ago

    Is it that big of a step? I’ve been told I will not be able to play on the
    highschools varsity team if I play on select teams because its year round

  • Tk5747 4 years ago

    yaaaaaaaaaaa Evertonnnnnnnn

  • OnlineSoccerAcademy.com 4 years ago

    Oh snap!

  • OnlineSoccerAcademy.com 4 years ago

    My pronunciation was off. My bad.

  • OnlineSoccerAcademy.com 4 years ago

    I think he has a good chance to do good when he’s in Europe but you never
    know until a player is over there and performing.

  • OnlineSoccerAcademy.com 4 years ago

    LOL! We miss Ming too! He sits in our office everyday though! We will try
    to give him guest appearances. We are thinking about spoofing the David
    Beckham H&M underwear commercial and having Ming play the bulldog that
    closes the door and locks Becks out of the house. What do you think? Funny?

  • cera gupwell 4 years ago

    i miss ming D: can ming be in all the soccer news weekly video?? :D

  • Matt Chen 4 years ago

    Why do you say Neymar like that?

  • MatHarty98 4 years ago

    neymar is young and still has a lot to learn, in a few years time neymar
    will have matured better and it was only 1 single game against england not
    his whole career

  • Brad Hammel 4 years ago

    Kei Kamara!!!

  • cera gupwell 4 years ago

    do the ming spoof!!

  • furryballer88 4 years ago

    Neymar has skill yes.. But I have never thought he was good enough to play
    anywhere other than brazil, he is way over rated and would get killed
    wherever he went to play,..

  • rossisports 4 years ago

    theres no annotations yet

  • soccergirlz98 4 years ago

    Neymar is like the Kardashians! They get famous for no reason what so ever!!

  • OnlineSoccerAcademy.com 4 years ago

    Being nervous before a game is natural and happens to players at all
    levels, including pros. Click the “View All OSA Videos” button on your
    Online Soccer Academy profile (it’s free, sign up if you are not a member)
    and search for the “How Not to Be Nervous Before a Game” video. That will
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  • hbmaresh1 4 years ago

    Thanks for the pic of the week!

  • nene40211 4 years ago

    Everyone s questions will be answerd about neymar in 2014 where he might go
    with barca im a neymar fan and I agree that england vs brazil wasn’t
    neymars game

  • Jorgerambo 4 years ago

    It would be a good idea if you just showed the videos here. To keep the
    video in topic

  • OnlineSoccerAcademy.com 4 years ago

    Got it at BumpyPitch(dot)com it’s pretty awesome and comfy! They make some
    good shirts

  • OnlineSoccerAcademy.com 4 years ago

    What are you referring too? I’m confused by your comment. Are you saying
    show the videos I reference in the show in the video for the show? Instead
    of linking to them?

  • Johan Jon 4 years ago

    to be honest Neymar is the most overated player now. let us see him against
    advanced European defenders, the England game tells everything.

  • OnlineSoccerAcademy.com 4 years ago

    I’ll tell Ming you want him to do a Spoof! He’s got another appearance
    lined up soon in a new video we are working on. It is not a training video
    or a Soccer News Weekly. It’s a surprise video! Be on the lookout!