The fireworks came a little early in the Subway Firecracker 250 Powered by Coca-Cola as Darrell Wallace Jr. makes great save just past the halfway mark. For …
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  • Noah Coleman 3 years ago

    Great save and came back for a 7th place finish. Great job, Darrell!

  • TheFredducky 3 years ago

    Would hate to be that car behind him that got a windshield full of sparks.

  • Craig Deering 3 years ago

    He is an amazing talent and I think future sprint cup champion go get me
    bubba !!!!

  • Joseph Clough 3 years ago

    wouldn’t of been able to save it if his car hadn’t of bottom out, the
    bottoming out allowed the left rear to rise of the ground causing the car
    to pivot and straighten out, got to love when you get lucky

  • underthenorthernstar 3 years ago

    What a wonderful piece of driving