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  • TheMiataDriver 4 years ago

    Damn these highlights are awsome ! Thanks Nascar!

  • McFloppy 4 years ago

    I don’t think he is doing it on purpose.

  • Steven Coffey 4 years ago

    Definitely too bad about that tire. He had the field covered all night
    long. Would have swept the weekend too. He can wheel a race car, I don’t
    care what anybody says.

  • Warbeast Cujo 4 years ago

    Back off on the Haterade. Kyle slid up the race track like that for a good
    part of the rest of the race. Shit happens.

  • Sahil M 4 years ago

    Dude shut up. There isn’t even that much proof that there was definite
    contact. It was good hard racing. Kyle is one of the best drivers in that
    field and hes proven that time and time again. So go do one.

  • Ramian Fisher 4 years ago

    fuck you, KYLE BUSCH!! y do u keep wrecking kasey???!!!

  • Sahil M 4 years ago

    Kyle put on a great show with a tyre going down, too bad for that contact
    with Kasey, or KB haters would’ve been shut up.

  • Thomas Jowers 4 years ago

    Because he’s a sore looser that gets mad and throws a tantrum when things
    don’t go his way

  • Robin13241 4 years ago

    Sucks to be Kasey Kane right now…..

  • Warbeast Cujo 4 years ago


  • TOR UK 4 years ago

    NASCAR can you make all highlight videos like this please with in-car audio
    as standard. Much appreciated.

  • Talon Greene 4 years ago

    No we would still talk.

  • Jordan Davila 4 years ago

    that was kyle busch’s fucking fault, so no we would not shut up, and he
    ruined Kasey Kahnes race for the third time this season

  • NASCAR Technical Institute 4 years ago

    Always love to hear the in-audio!!

  • Ernesto Jacas Saez-Merino 4 years ago

    That Kahne crash hurt me a lot, he could have one the race!! and lost it in
    that moment… fuck you Kyle Busch!!

  • Talon Greene 4 years ago

    He got passed clean by Kasey and he couldent just fall in line and work on
    passing him like everyone else would.