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  • henriksenlaw 3 years ago

    As is too often the case Dana has no idea what he is talking about and says
    the other person is wrong. Dana says Shields had to be at least a 10:1
    under dog. Then a reporter say less, 7:1. The Ariel says 4:1 and Dana tells
    him he is wrong. Guess what: Vegas odds went off at a little under 4:1.

  • cfx5000 3 years ago

    Dana? You need dudes like that? If you want this sport to go to the next
    level, you need an Ali, a Sugar Ray, a Mayweather. When someone tries to be
    that super personality, you fire them. It does not make sense, The current
    roster of fighters that you have have the personality of a wet mop. The UFC
    has peaked.You need a trash-talking superstar. Someone that the fans want
    to hate but yet he never loses.

  • Justin Harvey 3 years ago

    A fight breaks out next to the Diaz brothers…what do you thinks gunna
    happen? Lol classic.

  • Dan Brand 3 years ago

    Where did jake Sheilds go after his title fight against gsp?

  • Bender81 3 years ago

    Dana is so disgusting..

  • Shane Lambert 3 years ago

    cfx5000 that wrestling bro,,,,dana is the man and calls it like he sees

  • MrLink 3 years ago

    Funny how the biggest douche out there calls someone else the biggest

  • deez nits 3 years ago

    Do ya have to use so many dern curse words?

  • taylor carter 3 years ago

    “the guys in mma are educated”…..where did nick diaz get his degree lol

  • Andy Gonzalez 3 years ago

    Sucks Nick Diaz retired. 

  • Robert Miller 3 years ago

    Fuck all Diaz haters

  • Daniel Dragovic 3 years ago

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  • Jimsta N 3 years ago

    Also, nicks attitude bought him a fight VS GSP.

    That shit sells on PPV. From a business point of view. It’s fucking
    great. lol

  • Jimsta N 3 years ago

    The Diaz brothers are dicks to some fighters, but they seem pretty cool lol.
    They grew up around all sorts of gangbanging thugs trying to rep their
    street. I grew up with a lot of teen stabbings around my school, and
    town. It’s hard to trust anyone, and it seems like the tougher you are in
    the streets…the more people will come after you looking for a fight, or
    just to kill you for fun. I wish you all could have attended my
    highschool. Every single tough guy will get their ass beat at least once

  • HeyMan674 3 years ago

    I actually think Dana is pretty funny from time to time “Really? A fight
    broke out between the Diaz brothers’ friends and they got involved? That’s
    weird.” just how he said it was a riot. 

  • Peter Koala 3 years ago

    @ayezedekay When you have boxing as good as Nick Diaz you can out class
    anybody standing up. Boxing is the most utilized form of stand up. Diaz
    will be able to use his length and skill to beat on GSP. GSP will start to
    feel uncomfortable and he will go to his bread and butter, the takedown.
    Diaz has the BEST jiu jitsu at 170, so GSP will feel uncomfortable there as
    well. GSP may have more tools standing up, but he hasn’t mastered any of

  • youngchadee 3 years ago

    ok first of all dana,fedor is the fuckin best FULL STOP…ok nw 2 d mayhem
    an shields situation,if u got fuckin jumped i would love 2 knw wt u would
    say?but na u didn’t get jumped with ur bald head fat stupid looking fuckin

  • ramonlrgit 3 years ago

    @IMarxthoN completely off topic, who is your favorite fighter?

  • Cory Hughes 3 years ago

    @J3ssexxx nick diaz has never tapped to strikes or any kind of submission,
    GSP has tapped to both. he cant hold him down because he will get tapped.
    and nick diaz isnt gonna be scared to take the fight to him. gsp isnt gonna
    gonna be able to jab and run away for christ sakes he fuckin lost two
    rounds to the worst striker in the fuckin division and nick has shitshow
    boxin and he just fuckin beat a two time champ who held the belt in two
    divisons and he didnt to lay on him and grease up to do so

  • maxwell wheatcroft 3 years ago

    no he hasn’t you retard, where’ve you been? He’s still with the UFC he’s
    just suspended for testing positive for weed

  • Peter Koala 3 years ago

    @MannyMMA GSP’s striking is not better than Diaz’s whatsoever. GSP has
    better kicks but thats it. Daley was a contender in the UFC and could have
    gotten a title shot if it wasn’t for the koscheck incident. I would even
    say that Daley has better striking than GSP, and I’m not joking. Learn your
    shit man

  • ayezedekay 3 years ago

    @pidgeon63 lol what happen to nick? retiring cause he cant handle a legit
    loss to a better fighter on the night? hes lucky he didnt get gsp imagine
    how he would have manhandled nick in there

  • James Sale 3 years ago

    You really think Joe Silver is the ONLY person that gets any say on
    matchmaking? If so, you’re sorely misinformed. Dana has just as much
    pull-power on matchmaking, regardless of what he says in interviews. If he
    didn’t say that then the entire interviews would be asking about potential

  • Clev Eland 3 years ago

    He’s relevant to the point that I am making so I will continue to mention
    him. You’re just not able to refute nor deny the fact that Dana is/was
    clearly being bias towards the Diaz brothers. What about the Diaz brothers?
    What do they deserve? So to clarify. Daley deserved to go to jail but Nick
    & Nate Diaz who got into a BRAWL (not just 1 PUNCH BUT A FULL OUT BRAWL) at
    a public place (the hospital) after fighting at a UFC event Deserves a
    place on the UFC roster as well as title shots? Thats BS!

  • Darren Millsom 3 years ago

    His A fuckin know all