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  • Lawrence Hare 4 years ago

    Not for me,more time staring at the phone while it keeps going off telling
    you useless info about the place,where the toilets are and where to buy
    All I want to do is wave my phone and pay which I can already do,NFC is all
    you need

  • MotorCityPhoenix313 4 years ago

    This could be very cool …but my gut is telling me this could go horribly
    awry. Lol

  • Bart Ettinger 4 years ago

    *MLB tests Apple’s iBeacon at Citi Field*

    Next year, Bluetooth beacons will be installed in baseball stadiums to send
    messages to iPhone owners using the “At the Ballpark” app. CNET’s Bridget
    Carey gets a demo of the new technology at Citi Field in New York.

  • Danarius Miller 4 years ago

    And this is why I love apple

  • tr6752 4 years ago

    Like the Mews outfit she’s wearing and yeah blue tooth is a cool way to
    send info as long as it’s 4.0 you know for power saving stuff..

  • Kevin Crabbe 4 years ago

    This is just like pokemon

  • Adam Bumber 4 years ago

    this would be amazing at the mall too

  • ELZOOL12 4 years ago

    They’re changing the way we go to sporting events. This innovation comes
    more from baseball than Apple. Not as many people are going to games as
    they used to. So, they’re trying out new ideas to try to give their fans an
    incentive to go to games instead of watching them at home or on their
    mobile device.

  • gvvvv2300 4 years ago

    no they dont. please tell what kind of innovation this is…

  • Arik Haydn 4 years ago

    Bridget Carey in a Baseball jersey. CNet… Good Game.

  • Ezekiel Robinson 4 years ago

    Ur hot

  • Not You 4 years ago

    When will companys learn that aint no grown man using a iphones…lol

  • CR7vaporz 4 years ago

    Being able to configure bluetooth within control center in your lock screen
    makes it easier too, good stuff apple

  • iamterence77 4 years ago

    this is actually a great idea that solves micro location and indoor
    location. GPS is hardly reliable indoors, and wifi has a much wider range
    than ble which would also lead to a much lower accuracy.

  • Tonynctg 4 years ago

    love this idea…. especially that citi field is modeled after ebbets field
    so alot of the info will prolly be historic even though its a new stadium.
    i havent been to city field yet but even being a yankees fan, i cant wait
    to go.

  • pp2devane 4 years ago

    This is why Apple never jumped on the NFC bandwagon. They were busy making
    iBeacon which is much better

  • john mike 4 years ago

    lol its not a new thing its like qr codes idk which cave u live in but here
    @ uae we have shit like this in malls , uni campus , parks etc and nope
    apple doesnt innovate whats the diff between iphone 4 4s , 5 5s nothing
    major but on the other hand andriod has the shitty phones and great once

  • evilpeach2 . 4 years ago

    Lets go METS!

  • Leo Hernandez 4 years ago

    Lets go Mets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • F Carv 4 years ago

    By the time you realized you missed the wholel game

  • Brandon Elliott 4 years ago

    I love you Bridget!!!! you look so cute in this one haha

  • Alzain Ali 4 years ago

    its push notifications. nothing annoying. your apps have been doing this
    for ages -.-

  • McRocket 4 years ago


  • McRocket 4 years ago

    After the first 20 seconds, I was just watching to look at