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  • Son of a Zombie 3 years ago

    Chris should drive the new F1′s – they are about 5 or 6 secs slower. Great
    for learners.

  • Educalifa 3 years ago

    “Martin Brundle one of the greatest drivers to never win a championship”??
    Dammit Mr. Harris… how can I possibly take you seriously after this?? And
    you are my favorite car tester of all times…

    Other than Martin Brundle himself I didn’t think anyone else had that

  • wakkadakkaify 3 years ago

    back when F1 cars sounded right.

  • adam white 3 years ago

    with this was in hd please contact chris(monkey) and do it again for him

  • prezeskgr 3 years ago

    I miss this screaming sound…

  • nomad27 3 years ago

    3:18 “IF he comes back”?!

  • wayne burgess 3 years ago

    Being forced to watch an advert for some crap Renault before this was
    soooooo annoying.

  • Rory mayoh 3 years ago

    I Love Chris dont get me wrong…. but the man is absolutely obsessed with
    numbers! ( F1 car has 850 hp and a Veyron would have to have over 2000 hp
    to compete with that acceleration…. numbers mean sweet fuck all at these
    levels and i wish he would realise that! apart from that a really sound
    bloke with and even sounder job! hashtag legend 

  • WowzaBoyz 3 years ago

    Holy shit that thing spun fast

  • Joseph Blowington 3 years ago

    I never knew F1 drivers had a clutch on the wheel. I thought it was just
    simple shifting. That adds a whole new level of difficulty. I’m sure
    motorcycle drivers might find it a bit easier but damn, I wouldn’t even be
    able to concentrate on the road.

  • Nw.Caffers 3 years ago

    When he climbed into the car, i felt scared for him!

  • vetb882 3 years ago

    Those are violent cars, CH did the best under the circumstances. The guy
    from top gear drove on in good weather and was completely flummoxed. The
    engineer pegged it when he said pros from other disciplines of auto racing
    get their neck muscles worn out within a few laps. Thats just freaky.

  • blake20193 3 years ago

    Love the start, he treats Chris heaps well

  • geforce5700fx 3 years ago

    F1 … Another world

  • VivaLaNick335 3 years ago

    please tell me you are joking

  • ElronMcBong 3 years ago

    First time i’ve seen that Chris is speechless!

  • AKillerTuna 3 years ago

    850hp and 500kg is 1.7 hp per kg. A Veyron, weighing 1,888kg, times 1.7 hp
    per kg would need over 3,200hp…pretty sure.

  • garethkielty 3 years ago

    @cutefacedweasel well yeaa. hes a commentator on formula 1….of course he
    explains everything really well. also hes used to having to explain things
    to his engineer. you cant be illiterate in any form

  • miclly6 3 years ago

    jesus saves

  • ladicius hobbs 3 years ago

    dat steering wheel…

  • Byran Lum 3 years ago

    so michael jordan can drive this is that what u sayin or phil ivey, (pro

  • LorienoftheBlossom 3 years ago

    driving an F1 car looks really really scary lol

  • Chinny Ukata 3 years ago

    Have you seen the 2012 F1 cars? (mainly the Ferrari 2012 F1 car)

  • a38racing 3 years ago

    That spin really surprised me

  • Stephen Krug 3 years ago

    You didn’t read my comment. I never said you have to rev-match. I said the
    ECU does rev match but there is still driveline shock because the match
    isn’t perfect. The solenoid for shifting is usually PID controlled.