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  • Quantum_tunneling 4 years ago

    Butler is a one fucking hard working player.

  • Edgar Escobar 4 years ago

    @MichaelGuieb BIG TIME TRAVEL! cross country!

  • Justyn Williamson 4 years ago

    Go bulls

  • Phil Wolf 4 years ago

    i hate seeing the Bulls play without my nigga Derrick Rose :/

  • TRJ2241987 4 years ago

    I swear that Dunleavy Jr isn’t his father’s son, he’s his damn CLONE! He
    flat out looks like the spitting image of Mike Dunleavy Sr. at the end of
    his career in the early 80′s, they flat out look like twins!

  • Yosafat y'Oel Pelealu 4 years ago

    nene just damn of shit

  • Siu Chung Chan 4 years ago

    He is trouble ariza ! 

  • Luis fernando T-rich 4 years ago

    Nene ,brazil

  • Jigsawdotkom 4 years ago

    Not a smart move by Nene. They would’ve won that game if he was in

  • Bode Brooks 4 years ago

    Last thing. I know it’s a dangerous arena because it’s so steep but you
    need to darken it up. During timeouts bring the lights up maybe but during
    play darken it up except the basketball court. Maybe put more low track
    lights down where people need them to move around.

  • Bode Brooks 4 years ago

    Make the game for adults. Make it a grown up arena. Be different. Make it
    an intimidating place to play for opponents. Not a circus with all these
    stupid side shows. Plus the arena announcer is the worst ! Find somebody
    with a voice that is not so irritating…….Wake up !!!!

  • Bode Brooks 4 years ago

    Plus the gametime experience is so dated and over produced !! The game
    soundtrack needs to be changed. Be smart and think up an experience that
    let’s the game shine. Its like a circus with all this crazy energy that has
    nothing to do with “The Game we came to see”

  • Bode Brooks 4 years ago

    The Bulls were seeing Red last night at Verizon :( That’s all you could see
    from the court. You could not see the white and blue….Stupid ! It made
    the Bulls feel at home. That’s their slogan. Bulls see Red. It makes Bulls
    mad ! Get it ! Just stupid. They need to change that ! The fans should wear
    the same color as the home team not Red. Wake up Ted ! Also why the he’ll
    are you breaking news about the Caps on the biggest weekend in Wizards
    recent history ?????? Wake the hell up !

  • Bode Brooks 4 years ago

    Why the F.ck were the Wizards fans wearing Red ! That’s stupid ! Be smart
    Wizards front office ! That’s the Bulls playoff promotion “See Red” I know
    the upper decks were blue and white but Red was all you could see….Stupid
    !!! If the home team is wearing white wear white not Red. It looked like a
    Chicago home game !!! Soooooo …..F.cken Stupid !!!