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  • kamehameha626 3 years ago

    I don’t know if he’ll make the HOF . He was so great though . . 

  • clutchmamba 3 years ago

    Where’s LeBrons game winner vs the Warriors it’s should be on here

  • Kevin Durant 3 years ago


  • Zay Breezy 3 years ago

    Now the question is, is he a hall of famer? 

  • Wayne Selden 3 years ago

    LeGoat is better than billups

  • Casey Moore 3 years ago

    Shame he only won 1 Ring. that 2004 Detroit Pistons Squad was something.
    who seriously thought they had a legit shot going up against the Lakers who
    had Kobe,Shaq, Gary Payton, and Karl Malone? I sure as fuck didnt. lol!

  • Alan Chen 3 years ago

    hall of fame class of 2019

  • CALI DREAM$ 3 years ago

    +15000 Career points, +5000 career assists, Nba champ, Nba Finals MVP, 5x
    All-Star, All-Nba 2nd Team, 2x All-Nba 3rd Team, 2x All Nba defensive 2nd
    team, 2010 USA Team FIBA world cahmpionship gold medal. In my opinion he
    deserves to be HOF because that 2003-2008 Detroit Pistons team deserves to
    have at least 1 HOF (reaching 6 consecutive ECF, with Billups, Rip, Prince,
    Sheed, Ben being the main players most of the seasons) Out of those 5
    players, Billups is the one who deserves more to be a HOF

  • djime sako 3 years ago

    Ben Wallace deserves HOF, even Sheed too, but not Billups, sorry.

  • Tim Duncan 3 years ago

    Chaunceeeeey B..b..b…billups

  • AgentCobra24 3 years ago

    Kobe’s Highlights make this look like 1st grade basketball

  • boyet ocampo 3 years ago

    That game triple overtime win against Nets instaclassic! 

  • ChicagoBulls7733 3 years ago

    He was clutch 

  • TheCrunchySopa 3 years ago

    The league as well as myself will definitely miss Chauncey.

  • Drizzy Drake 3 years ago

    I used to do #8 all the time in high school, bagged a kind once too lolol

  • bballislife7158 3 years ago

    Deserves HOF… He reminds me of Tony Parker tho, a player that benefitted
    from the Piston’s system more than his actual skill…. he still is one of
    the most clutch players of all time 

  • MadSpace 3 years ago

    His 3 vs the Heat as a Knick? That was a pretty big shot

  • XxxxShadowGamerxxxX 3 years ago

    Seems like rondo got his ball fake from this dude.

  • iHoop12 3 years ago

    Fuck Joe Dumars…I loved Chauncey man I miss him in Detroit

  • DetroitCollector989 3 years ago

    What an unbelievable career that has come to an end. I hope he stays with
    the Pistons as an assistant or something.

  • Damian Killard 3 years ago

    I knew I would see plenty of game winners it would make sense he was
    nicknamed “Mr. Big Shot”

  • 00Mindi00 3 years ago

    Not a single highlight from his days as a Knick. Cmon guys – there were
    some good times with Chauncey in New York.

  • Jon Swavyy 3 years ago

    BIG SHOT BILLUPS! Loved watching him play

  • Jweezy 3 years ago

    I still think that Chauncey Billups looks like a black version of Vin
    Diesel lol.

  • Gabo Ramos 3 years ago

    respect. this is from a die hard lakers fan who saw him trash the lakers in
    2004. class act guy, brilliant basketball player