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  • trever pitts 4 years ago

    it cost what mma fans can do go out to sports bars with friends n get
    dinner n watch fights thats what i would do just go with friends

  • 2kTweeK 4 years ago

    is that what u call urself Senior Editor now? ur still the same little Luke
    i used to steal lunch money from when u was doing livechats 6 months ago

  • Mareks Perkons 4 years ago

    He sounded like TITO ORTIZ trying to explain how he would answer price
    increase question

  • HydroBud98 4 years ago

    What about Diaz vs. Alves? That fight would be a stand up war! That fight
    could be a Co Main Event on a PPV.

  • deemorris9000 4 years ago

    Why are people soooo obsessed over ppv buys. Seriously who gives a shit how
    many numbers the pay per view cards do. 

  • Edin Pandzic 4 years ago

    GSP #1 p4p and GOAT….

  • justin boom 4 years ago

    we could all have a holiday cheers with eggnog and captains spiced

  • MyRook 4 years ago

    It is called ‘burned out’ UFC is putting on to many fights and people are
    burning out on the action. Why watch a PPV when you can see good action for
    free.There is plenty of free fights to watch. Most PPV’s don’t even deliver
    like the free Televised events…..Common sense

  • Tino Fuentes 4 years ago

    Thanks for doing this Luke 

  • Splenda4ever 4 years ago

    No video. No show.

  • Zulwali 4 years ago

    I don’t like using twitter…:’( 

  • Chad Plainview 4 years ago

    Cheers for the extra 30 minutes Luke.

  • Adolfo Foronda 4 years ago

    Interesting how no video takes away from this experience.

  • terry o'prey 4 years ago

    Luke’s luck with these things is terrible

  • PaynefulThomas 4 years ago

    I really share a lot of Luke’s opinions. He speaks very well and is a
    masterful communicator. I wish MMA was more popular here in Scotland. We
    are a fighting people with a warrior spirit but boxing still has an ironic
    stranglehold here. MMA is growing in Scotland and with Joanne Calderwood
    smashing girls it can only help encourage the sport along in her homeland.
    I even said to her on twitter that she can take my fantasy fighter nickname
    when she wins via choke – “The Lock Neck Monster”. A reference to the
    mythical Loch Ness monster ;-) Scotland has a current boxing champion in
    Ricky Burns and he is highly promoted and celebrated in Scotland so until
    he drops that strap then boxing has a clear popularity run in Scotland. I
    still hope that MMA continues to grow here as I would like to engage with
    people face to face about the sport I love so much and Luke, so clearly,
    loves too. 

  • Arizona Pokerface 4 years ago

    Urijah Faber to 125? Since Urijah Faber no longer has to worry about
    stepping on the toes of teammate Joseph Benavidez, any chance he moves down
    and challenges Mighty Mouse?

  • Rhys2D2 4 years ago

    appreciate your effort

  • Carlos Martinez 4 years ago

    10 silver back gorillas would fuck up 100 cain valasquez’s 

  • kowalveli 4 years ago

    US is getting screwed with the ufc PPVs ,in my country you pay 15$ a month
    for about a 100 channels almost half of them in HD and in that bundle you
    get channel that airs every ufc event ..PPV, FIGHT NIGHT you name it …
    and its all for free no additional cost ..hahaha makes me wanna laugh when
    I hear that some peeple will have to pay extra 5$ for one PPV. 

  • justin boom 4 years ago

    you can call us co-workers my friend :)

  • Eagloologles knot Generanext 4 years ago

    Open the video testing FFA 

  • dkoli 4 years ago

    I had torn laburnum. Gap was from 12-6 on a clock, so pretty much half of
    it. had surgery year ago, starting training again couple of months ago and
    no problems, good as new. My friend who plays american football feels the
    same. Cain should be fine. 

  • Jeremy Why 4 years ago

    This is no fun without the illustrious grey beard.

    Aha! Luke must be Santa Claus!

  • WinterRapalaFishing 4 years ago

    First chat wrap up since I didn’t have grey hairs.

  • Michael Karkut 4 years ago

    Why do they always fuck this up