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  • boxie1012 3 years ago

    @3wademiami haha assuming what? All im saying is if i was infront of the
    pack there in miller’s position then i woulda taken the shot and not looked
    back and passed it off.

  • Social Entry 3 years ago


  • SAMIAM 3 years ago


  • lakerskid2013 3 years ago

    Mario Chalmers is beast!

  • WestBlue77 3 years ago

    @AJEdaAssassin31491 There you go jumping into conclusions again. People who
    are over the age of 12 and use a mother joke is an immature brat? Uh i
    think not. And um, MLA format says im quoting is right. So STFU there. And
    again, i know its hard for your puny brain to comprehend. But HEAT in 7.

  • Bl00dFreak 3 years ago

    Good thing they still lost XD

  • JhonnyKing0001 3 years ago

    @WeaselVideos Well, i remember that gasol and bynum switched on cp3 most of
    the time, so there isn´t much kobe could have done about that… and lebron
    played great in the chicago series and played well last night too, but
    wasn´t close to his best. I never blamed the loss on him. It´s just that
    his performance in game 4 was awful and if he doesn´t play better than the
    heat will not have a chance

  • Josh Gordon 3 years ago

    @whatthefutch ohh ok lol

  • Hilda Regnant 3 years ago

    How is this just getting uploaded??? This was 2 years ago

  • jerry castillo 3 years ago

    Lol why doesn’t Chalmers start?? C’mon Spoelstra Bibby is a liability.

  • boxie1012 3 years ago

    @3wademiami LOL yea im so selfish, if ur good enough to play nba u should
    have the belief to shoot it yourself, thats all im saying. Even look at
    highest comment at the moment; “horrible decision to pass”. It turned out
    good no doubt, good on mario to sink it.

  • R3FLEXs 3 years ago

    mario chalmers is more clutch and has less fear of a big shot than lebron
    seems to be

  • kut52 3 years ago

    The Heat suck, but Chalmers should change club

  • 463548 3 years ago


  • Hassan Ali 3 years ago

    @iJewlzTV Lmfao, that had me rolling.

  • Zachary Lacey 3 years ago

    Y r they uploading finals that hasent even happened yet

  • WestBlue77 3 years ago

    @chukcha96 you called ure precious Nowitziki a MVP as well den? =/ sad to
    here brah

  • FershLicka 3 years ago

    @joepescifromcasino .. i was thinkin that very same thing! LOL

  • Xyoutubx3rsunit 3 years ago

    @LtakeOanotherVlookE bibby is a defensive player chalmers fails at defence
    but bibby fails at offence. Heat need defence not offence

  • Josh Gordon 3 years ago

    @optimusyusef miller wanted the assist so good pass

  • baryam11 3 years ago

    he made 2 of that shots in the finals, i cant do that in 82 games in 2k11.

  • Jasminbaum 3 years ago

    @chrispaul1996 im 14

  • rcinglad 3 years ago

    @FrictionZero LOL, you’re just mad you’re a bandwaggon fan :(

  • SuperCelticsfan5 3 years ago

    Press F13 lol

  • Alec bailey 3 years ago

    @andrewjax D-wade did it passing, LeBron had like 2 offensive fouls.