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  • Thomas Kuramoto 3 years ago

    This is mlb the show, right? :)

  • Bryan Pena 3 years ago

    Welcome to boston 

  • Jay Foster 3 years ago

    Wow, what a throw! Almost as good as the one Yasiel Puig made last year
    from the RF line to nail Marlon Byrd at THIRD BASE, also on the fly!!! 

  • zingGodin 3 years ago

    Who the fuck disliked this

  • Daniel Heald 3 years ago

    Welcome to Boston!

  • juke521 3 years ago

    Yawn. Lucky throw from not even that far away. Too bad he couldn’t catch
    Cowgill’s homer in the 14th hahaha

  • LatinPlayer10 3 years ago

    That was not even good defending. It was just luck and bad base running.

  • Vicman006 3 years ago

    Excuse me, Was that a strike?
    who said Yasiel Puig is the only cuban sniper? I guess nobody is running on
    him no more

  • Tim Hooper 3 years ago

    I’ve been watching baseball all my life (I’m still young at 26) and I have
    seen crazy diving catches… crazy double plays.. and a lot of outfield
    assists (which to me are the most fun).. and this has me baffled… what
    did I just witness?! He threw the ball AFTER Kendrick had rounded 3rd from
    the left field corner almost at the foul pole! in the air… on a line..
    perfectly.. in a huge pressure situation.. holy crap. and to think just a
    week previous he threw out TWO runners at the plate in the same inning!
    Also against the Angels. This guy is ridiculous. 

  • TheHaloRed 3 years ago

    That was video game baseball! :)

  • bnk1979 3 years ago

    Absolutely insane… I just wish I could of seen those fans in LF after
    that. Angels’ fans are some of the worst hecklers in baseball… and that
    late in the game… hella drunk to make it even worse. Cespedes only gave a
    glance back, thats awesome and the way you do it! Sucks the A’s didn’t pull
    off the win in extras

  • ronscott7 3 years ago

    Im an Angels fan, but Im a baseball fan first and that was one hell of a
    throw. That should have been in somebody’s scouting report. If it wasnt, it
    is now

  • sergio rangel 3 years ago

    Most awesome throw

  • Arthur Goltz 3 years ago

    Why is the base umpire making the call on this play at the plate?

  • Labtec600 3 years ago

    Ha – couple things – one it looked like the runner was intending on doing a
    little “I got this” slide when the ball screamed passed his head. He then
    went into a collapse “oh sh*t” slide. I also like the way Cespedes is
    staring into the crowd in the one shot after throwing Kendrick out. Kind of
    a “What now?” look.

  • NuttyBuddy208 3 years ago

    Not to degrade the throw or anything but that was the worst slide ever by

  • MildlyAnnoyedAHM 3 years ago

    He’ll put on a brave face, and be a professional about it, but that really
    has to suck going from First Place in the AL West to last place in the AL
    East. It’s a move that sucks not only for Cespedes, but for Oakland too.
    They’re not only going to miss his arm, but his bat as well. Come on. The
    two-time defending Home Run Derby Champion in only his third MLB season?
    …And about to pass the 20-home run plateau for the 3rd straight season?
    You’re going to tell me the A’s aren’t going to miss that bat during their
    playoff run? …And over the next few seasons as he continues to improve?
    Really, really dumb move. I hope Jon Lester is worth it.

  • IncaWarrior93 3 years ago

    damn what a throw

  • Paul Velazquez 3 years ago

    WOOOAAA! WHAT A THROW! Cespedes got a cannon in his arm.

  • 陳義明 3 years ago


  • JD Lechler 3 years ago

    sup everyone

  • Arthur Cooperman 3 years ago

    nice play

  • Evan Wood 3 years ago

    Stadium went crazy

  • mancidepress 3 years ago

    “Pfft I can do that sitting down, hold my beer.”

  • Matt Deitsch 3 years ago

    The catcher is illegally trying to make a play on the plate #AngryMarlinsFan