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  • Ballin Too 3 years ago

    melo is the most underrated player in the nba hands down, he has relentless
    buckets ,can give yu 9-10 reb. guess wat? melo passed the ball more then kd
    last yr and melo avg 3.5 assists that let u know his teammates are
    slumming out their

  • Negro 3 years ago

    He’s just a scorer, thats all he will ever be.

  • ChicagoBulls7733 3 years ago

    Our door is open for you Melo

  • Jsalcedo23 3 years ago

    If Kobe, Lebron, Iverson etc could carry shitty ass teams to the playoffs
    and even finals, sad how Melo can’t even get them 35 wins and the 8th seed.

    Proves that he has no heart or fire to win, he cannot be a leader.

    Edit: A lot of you guys forgetting what team kobe had in 2005-2007.

    Starting lineup included- Smush Parker, Luke Walton and KWAME FUCKING
    BROWN. Kobe avg 35 ppg in 2006 just for lakers to BARELY win games.

  • john williams 3 years ago

    Not a top 10 player, probably not a top 15 player if he is number 15,
    probably a top 20 player

  • Saama Sane 3 years ago

    melo wouldve gotten over 70 if theyt left him in, the 3rd best scoring
    preformance in nba history that would be

  • psychoblood12 3 years ago

    Fuck all ya chicago niggas bulls the only good team yall got

  • Candy Man 3 years ago

    This has to be one of the most boring season highlights from an NBA
    superstar since Tim Duncan’s.

  • MonkeyGamer_35 3 years ago

    Your welcome in Chicago melo

  • Therainman 3 years ago

    MELO IS FUCKING TRASH he’s about to be 30 and is still nowhere close to
    getting a ring 

  • Nikola Tasevski 3 years ago

    Everyone shits on Melo, but he had better season than LeBron and KD! Melo
    had 29 points with 9 rebs and 3 ass this season.. But he was the only who
    played ball for Knicks.. Melo will prove everyone that he isnt garbage,
    trust me, he will prove! 

  • Zio M 3 years ago

    If Melo goes to the Bulls + Rose healthy + Joakim Noah + Taj & Butler + Tom
    Thibodeau.. NBA watch out.. coming from a neutral spectator of the NBA

  • Vic Corral 3 years ago

    Carmelo is thee most overrated player in NBA history.

  • Wesley Gilmore 3 years ago

    I can’t wait until his top 10 plays of the 13-14 playoffs

  • Vlad Staz 3 years ago

    10 Should be number 1 because he passed the ball..that’s the unexpected
    from melo

  • TranceJay 3 years ago

    Please NBA, stop trying to make Carmelo a superstar. He is just an average
    You can deceive the box score viewers and top 10 viewers, but true
    basketball fans know he is just a ball hog.

  • Rowan@youtube 3 years ago

    Now presenting your 2014-2015 NBA Champions the New York KnickerBockers 

  • Tdub1234567890 3 years ago

    Should’ve came to chicago, we’ll for sure win with him…

  • TrillTandon 3 years ago

    Melo will not leave NY. The only smart thing Dolan did this season was
    bring in Phil. Melo is gonna stay cause of Phil. 

  • SeattleMadeSter 3 years ago

    this is so fucking wack ! shumpert had hella good plays last year

  • Luis Alberto Paes 3 years ago

    #2 was niiiiice

  • theSUBVERSIVE 3 years ago

    That #5 was pretty nice and if you take their career match ups, LBJ brings
    the most out of Melo – even defensively! Just watch their games or just
    look at the numbers.

  • Amit barzilai 3 years ago

    זה בישבילחה פלג :)

  • RippinStateCollege 3 years ago

    shoulda kept him in…. 7 min left? Coulda got to 70

  • FairyTail023 3 years ago

    7 mins remaining at the 4th. and they pulled him back ??
    why ? is that one of the unwritten rules ??