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  • ISAFMobius18 3 years ago

    There’s Kyle being Kyle, gets in a wreck then blames others, or at least
    trying to wreck them back. Well I say let them Toyota boys take each other
    out and let the Fords and Chevys race

  • studio2062films 3 years ago

    it’s a shame this isn’t the truck series or NNS, ain’t it Kyle? Nobody
    gonna give you room in cup.

  • Tyler Stelluti 3 years ago

    Cunt Bowyer strikes again.

  • Xavior48 3 years ago

    “all clear” except for the 18 car to your outside. Mistakes were made.
    Busch will get it next year. It’s not like he hasn’t swept a weekend

  • CrisKG125 3 years ago

    100% Kyle Busch fault he should know better than that.

  • MegaSlickdude 3 years ago

    Still can’t stand Bowyer for Richmond

  • Karl Singleton 3 years ago

    Clint Bowyer is the worst driver in NASCAR

  • drakionclawers 3 years ago

    Poor little Kyle…wins the lower series but cant run with the big boys

  • themostawesome43fan 3 years ago

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaay. i hate it when he wins in nationwide and trucks. its
    supposed to be for rookies isnt it?

  • NASCARracingiscool43 3 years ago

    I wish Kyle would’ve wrecked Clint

  • CoolPix888 3 years ago

    I don’t care who’s fault it was. Just glad to see him in the wall. Didn’t
    want to see a sweep!

  • xSnakeBerryx 3 years ago

    You wouldnt cheer a heavyweight sweeping the lightweight and regular weight
    classes in boxing and stealing there money and medals. Why people defend
    this fucker and still allow him to race in these series along with
    Keslowski, Kenseth, Earnhardt, Harvick is way fucking beyond me.

  • Smokey Roblox 3 years ago

    Honestly I think this is 100% Kyles fault but by accident. I think he tried
    to push himself to the top lane to pass Clint Boyer but he ended up make
    contact with him. Kyle should of knew better though.

  • Doug White 3 years ago

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy I’m so glad Kyle didn’t sweep the weekend

  • GamingNinja07 3 years ago

    stupid bowyer 

  • kornnut43 3 years ago

    Hey, at least he won the Truck and Nationwide races you guys! It’s usually
    the most impressive part of any Kyle Busch weekend, honestly.

    People can praise the lower-division wins all they want, but his wins in
    the series that matters – Cup – aren’t nearly as abundant as they should
    be. He’s fine when he has the best car, and when he’s clearly got more
    experience than the rest of the field, but put him in a series full of
    equals, and he only seldomly gets the job done. Can you imagine what he’d
    achieve if he’d actually focus on Cup??? Scary thought.

    Not saying this wreck was his fault, just food for thought.

  • Michael Bailey 3 years ago

    That was the best part of the race. NASCAR should have let Kyle get payback
    in my opinion. Wouldn’t that give them better ratings? I’m sure Kyle will
    get him before the season is over.

  • Rowan Mason 3 years ago

    Bowyer hit the apron a little as he was exiting and I think tht got him
    lose as well as the spotter being wrong for the 15

  • Nicky DeGirolamo THANKYOUAJLEE 3 years ago

    bush brothers are morans

  • Dante Hart 3 years ago

    Ok you know what all of you haters of Kyle Busch can suck a Dick because
    he’s a good racer….. It was counts Fucking spotter that screwed Kyle
    over…. Kyle was a third place car running good unlike Clint one lap down
    and sucking Dick like brad, Jimmy and all of those other asses. Kyle had a
    chance on sweeping. SO FUCK ALL OF YOU!!

  • DaveysCards 3 years ago

    This is why kyle will never nr a. Elite driver. Wins in lower series dont
    help dprint cup stats

  • GamingNinja07 3 years ago

    At least he swept the weekend before

  • Wade Elliott 3 years ago

    I’m not a Kyle fan but clint bowyer cannot drive all he does is wreck or
    wreck other people…………….

  • George Wallace 3 years ago


  • NCRR guys 3 years ago

    So many Haters in our Sport ! Its sad !