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  • caloyjp 4 years ago

    He’s Filipino : )

  • aimfreakify 4 years ago

    i dont know why but this gets me pumped. janowicz and huey really play
    great tennis.

  • Benjamin Lim 4 years ago

    5:20 over exaggerated commentary. lol.

  • MrDaboss625 4 years ago

    They all have to be using super light rackets because if I switched feom
    the pro staff to these shitty rackets my power would multiply these guys
    try to intimidate when their arms are as skinny as mine

  • mareqnyc 4 years ago

    None of the pros are using stock racquets ;)

  • VengeanceAfter 4 years ago

    Janowicz brought the dropper to doubles at 1:30. Not a doubles player, but
    he’s still pretty good at it, no doubt

  • ucdlin 4 years ago

    damn this Huey guy is good for doubles. really awesome lefty serve and very
    solid volleys

  • Ben Mcodnald 4 years ago

    scotty eckartis right ur dumb and just butthurt u arent pro


    The Bryans are the doubles masters, no doubt about it! thanks for the

  • Scotty Eckart 4 years ago

    They’re not. Bryans’ are using the Prince EXO3 Rebel, which is Princes
    heaviest “player’s” racquet in the in their current line. Janowicz is using
    the aeropro drive, not really heavy, but still a player’s racquet. Huey is
    using the head prestige, their heaviest players racquet in their current
    line. They are also professional, who have all kinds of strength in their
    bodies; arms aren’t the most important thing. While they aren’t prostaffs,
    they aren’t featherweights, and I assure they are strong

  • TheDzioty 4 years ago

    I think that Janowicz is using BABOLAT Aero Storm Tour GT …

  • Andy Yu 4 years ago

    that little guy has the best serve! horray!!!

  • Krzysztof Kaźmierski 4 years ago

    good match!