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  • Bullett prroof 4 years ago


  • Noah Neuman 4 years ago

    Broner is a great fighter, but damn, wouldnt it just be great if his ass
    got knocked out

  • James Rateau 4 years ago

    Get ur popcorn ready

  • shyshotcaller27 4 years ago

    Ab is ready to fight..this will be good.

  • Arthur Gonzales 4 years ago

    Ab is very cocky and very confident as always, but I think he’s full of it
    when he says he wants to knock him out, if anyone power to do so it’s
    maidana, Broner is going to hit and run through the whole fight 

  • ben franklin 4 years ago

    If broner brawls…he lose ! If he box…he win !!!!!

  • Isaiah Simmons 4 years ago


  • Ezio Auditore 4 years ago

    Lmao. Say what you want about broner but we need more people like him.
    Entertaining fighters is what this sports need.

  • James Rateau 4 years ago

    Oh I’m ready

  • Bullett prroof 4 years ago

    maidana will HURT this clown !

  • Tiffany Hoggarth 4 years ago

    Guess someone lost $100,000.. look at guy comment below.. lol XD.. but in
    reality he all talk

  • 2legit2quitz 4 years ago

    anybody can chew gum and pretend to sound uneducated…

  • Romen Pheonixx 4 years ago


  • Dhar Catarata 4 years ago

    “Imma knock this guy out!” Gets knocked down twice then shows no
    sportsmanship. Much respect.

  • Jose Gomez 4 years ago

    Big mouth got his ass beat! Congratulations to “Chino” Maidana and Team

  • vegaor 4 years ago

    Broner is a crack head

  • YOAMOARGENTINA 4 years ago


  • David Roldan 4 years ago

    Broner reminds me of tito trinidad moved up in wwight to fast adrian 135 to
    147 and tito 147 to 160! Smh….

  • borinquen lomejor 4 years ago

    whos dancing now….

  • Johnny Smith 4 years ago

    Where is broner now? I wanted to see what he has to say about the loss hes
    no where to be seen lol

  • billy kidd 4 years ago

    I was way off on my prediction for this fight. I figured AB would get
    rocked and get tested, didn’t expect Maidana to come in like a wrecking
    ball. I also said everyone needs to quit worrying so much about how this
    dude acts but more about how he fights. I still say I don’t care how much
    of an ass he wants to be outside of the ring, as long as he knows when to
    turn it off come fight time, but he didn’t seem to do that in this fight,
    at least not quick enough.

  • almaperro 4 years ago

    Broner great? Bullshit, how can he be considered great when he hasn’t beat
    anyone good? His biggest skill is talking but we all know where that got
    him Saturday night, another hype job exposed by a true solid fighter. Beat
    the gay swag out of him.

  • anidem medina 4 years ago

    hahahaha therman would whoop broner ass too 

  • Antonio Margarito 4 years ago

    Haha, Maidana sticks a gun at Broner’s head!

  • andyf404 4 years ago

    Same shit broner was saying about paulie, get the fuck outta here with that