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  • Roger Vickers 4 years ago

    werdum is fucked today overeem will display some skill and make it known
    that he is the one to be feared

  • babyface0514 4 years ago

    @ATACXGYM all k1 is jus kickboxing lol its nothing special haha n wat does
    fighting brett “sams club” rogers mean lmfao. he aint even top 15 lmfao.
    rogers is a big guy with heavy hands, and thats all he has, garbage,
    overeem face a top 10 hw, o wait he cant only 2 are in sf n thats him n
    fedor which overeem dont deserved being in top 10. has fought no1 worth
    talking about n is garbage, got his ass raped in ufc at lhw

  • ATACX GYM KENPO 4 years ago

    Overeem has miles to go in striking defense stance,footwork and other areas
    of striking (like balance,combination throwing,etc) and that’s scary
    considering that he won in a (weak but still pretty high end) K-1
    heavyweight tourney and is the current K-1 and MMA heavyweight champ.Nobody
    in history has done what he’s done,i.e. win the K-1 Japan supertourney AND
    a major HW MMA title.Maurice Smith won the K-1 USA title and the old skool
    UFC HW title,but he never won the K-1 HW real tourney.

  • jayo2k 4 years ago

    @hightaims this fight was in USA.. He got tested like everybody else.. Did
    he fail? Here the names of thoses who failes : Barnet Thiago Silva Royce

  • Appie tIBARAKA 4 years ago

    ooh nu is die wel nederlander haha? normaal gesproken was het maar een
    allochtoon.. pff

  • cody smith 4 years ago

    o ok but all i was saying is that when im in the ufc or mma that im not
    going to take drugs

  • TheLordofrootbeer 4 years ago

    damn!! the dutch are some bad mofos i wanna be dutch

  • drouen 4 years ago

    And as a finishing touch! god created the DUTCH :)

  • Jay Bee 4 years ago

    Joe Rogan Experience made me come here to rewatch the fight

  • sometimesido99 4 years ago

    Wikipedia: Overeem half Dutch half Jamaican born in England! Training in
    The Netherlands seems to have a good effect when it comes to martial arts,
    nationality of the fighters doesn’t really seem to matter!

  • srryidonthaveaname 4 years ago

    @ikbenmo1 hebben de antillianen dan niet geluk?

  • Roger Vickers 4 years ago

    If he ever hits the octogon the hw div is fucked

  • JL3GEND2 4 years ago

    Overeem is a MONSTER

  • ATACX GYM KENPO 4 years ago

    These differences are generally cultural differences,as the Thais value
    more the power of the kick,knees,elbows,and throws from the clinch than
    they do the footwork,defensive skills and punching acumen of The Sweet
    Science…and their Thai fighters,judges and crowds train their skills
    accordingly.So yeah,the K-1 actually IS a big deal.Its heavyweight
    division,however,is the weakest I’ve ever seen it be and that’s how
    Overeeem triumphed; but that’s still a major accomplishment.

  • PurpleRhino 4 years ago

    4:05 ahhhhh (like a little girl)

  • hightaims 4 years ago

    The reem baby trained power and aggression but come on no more than horse

  • michael keane 4 years ago

    fuck u all best fighter ever

  • antoinedu244 4 years ago

    steroid cheater overeem

  • REDRAT555 4 years ago

    @hellbound080582 maybe or maybe not

  • silantbill 4 years ago

    @jayo2k Forgot Sonnen.

  • TheEvilOyo 4 years ago

    @hightaims look at his big lazy brother, built like a tank.

  • keeble909 4 years ago

    @drouen he’s british…but can speak dutch

  • sometimesido99 4 years ago

    @ltcemmers1 I’m Dutch and I’m a short skinny dude….with 0% powerlifting
    skills :) Though I agree that many things are decided by your genes, the
    invorment in which you live/grow up has a big influence aswell.

  • bo2780 4 years ago

    this man is genetically engineered to be a superior human being he is a
    dutch his mother is a descendant of dominate viking she is 6-2 and his dad
    is jamaican these people are known for being athletic look at usain bolt

  • Marijn Emmers 4 years ago

    @sometimesido99 Well it does. Dutch people are known for being tall and
    beast in powerlifting, and Jamaicans for being great athletes. It’s decided
    by your genes and stuff.