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  • ROBERTO SILVA 3 years ago

    Good Video ur right I’ve read a lot of different articles AMD some of these
    writers don’t know shit or just keep going in circles answering questions
    with a question unbelievable!

  • PresidentCarterIII 3 years ago

    This is about that time for Silva to hang it up. His reign is over and he
    should retire because he will only tarnish his legacy from this point. He
    is a legend but he needs to call it quits

  • Championship Rounds 3 years ago

    come on Zab still can be a gate keeper

  • Andre F. 3 years ago

    Fury v. Wilder is interesting But I think Stiverne would be a good Fight 

  • HorseRancher92 3 years ago

    bute would beat ward or at the very least give him the toughest fight of
    his career , i dont care what anyone says he was overrated or what, styles
    make fights and bute style is all wrong for ward

  • MrJohnny583 3 years ago

    Those boxing posers would have to be Skip Bayless, Mike Wilbon, and 99.9%
    of people at ESPN. Kevin Iole or whatever the hell his name is on Yahoo.
    And that Nathaniel’s guy always on Pacroid’s dick.

  • aattitude 3 years ago

    Difference is rosado wasn’t as cocky and disrespectful as broner. Broner
    claimed he would never get kd, that maidana was just a stepping stone, etc
    I think broner is just getting heat for not backing up his talk. Not a bum,

  • jreal123 3 years ago

    hagler waited a year, thought they were waiting for him to get old, he
    chose to call it a day. did not think he would get the fight. also thought
    he would never get a fair decision. now he’s in italy making colone. allot
    of people knew, just did not feel like answering.

  • Tito Garcia 3 years ago

    call em out man…who u talking about

  • TheCartajay 3 years ago

    ceno when you going to do that call in conference call again?

  • Jean-Luc Devon 3 years ago

    Anderson Silva just lost his fight, his leg is broken dam I wish him a
    steady recovery. 

  • blackfirst 3 years ago

    I don“t want to see Zab anymore either.He fights for a pay check and is
    not putting a real effort to try to win anymore.

  • Trevis Williams 3 years ago

    Good video!

  • TheFox251 3 years ago

    Good vid. And I agree. Judah needs to get out now. He’s done all he can.
    GB’s trying to turn him into a gatekeeper for guys like Broner. . 

  • MrHulk333 3 years ago

    I have to be honest with you heavy weight division suck pretty bad even my
    brother in law who is not a hard core boxing fan can tell you that. Know I
    do have to give credit to the klitcho brother they have been dominating
    that division but im talking about here in America the heavy weights are
    just not good at all!!

  • Erik h 3 years ago

    Do a vid on Andre ward what’s next ?

  • MrHulk333 3 years ago

    good stuff!!

  • ph1484 3 years ago

    I dont understand…Canelo only fought moors in 2013. Not only that, he
    fought the toughest two guys out there for him. How is he protected??

    Angulo is a perfect fit. Both coming off losses.

    He’s got three fights next year. Just relax. I’m sure there will be some
    interesting fights for him there. Molina is no walkover for anyone, either.

  • Erik h 3 years ago

    Exactly nothing good vid