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  • aspirerite 4 years ago

    Ill tell you what will happen Fraud

  • p4p5119 4 years ago

    Of course. I criticized Mayweather so many times don’t get me wrong im a
    fan of him because of the way he fights does not mean i agree with him and
    yes the mere fact that Khan is being linked with a shot at Mayweather is
    fucking sickening as the glass jaw bum does not even deserve it or even a
    shot at Alexander simple but he still ducked Alexander

  • Omar Little 4 years ago

    If it happens will you criticize Mayweather for giving Khan a shot and
    overlooking more worthy opponents?

  • Simon Harrison 4 years ago

    Cough’inell Kuge!

  • p4p5119 4 years ago

    100% Agree. We fans don’t matter anymore because we will watch regardless
    but Amir Khan is being such a desperate money hungry little cunt chasing
    the Mayweather payday i loved the idea of Alexander v Khan with winner
    facing Floyd sounded really good but Khan is too much of a pussy like Kell
    Brook but he would have lost easily to Devon Alexander and he knows it
    which is why he asked for lion share of money when he is not even Champ. I
    can understand why Pussy Khan knew he would lose so will wait

  • Nathan Pritchard 4 years ago

    Top bloke this Dixon fella.

  • TheVoodooLion 4 years ago

    i hope Mayweather retracts his interest just because Amir is being a dick.
    there is no shortage of people wanting to fight Mayweather. i liked the
    whole idea of Khan Vs Alexander with the winner facing Mayweather next
    summer. that sounded like a good deal and an incentive for them both to box
    well on the night. but because Khan wants to be a greedy bastard we wont
    see it like that now. too many boxers let their fans down they cant stick
    to what they say and couldnt give two fucks about it.

  • p4p5119 4 years ago

    Yeah and EVERYBODY knows that Khan is only wanting to fight him to get a
    payday WE ALL KNOW that but he stands no chance of winning and is
    undeserved off the shot

  • Olay16 4 years ago

    of course it was expected. th Opponent jt was choose to get knocked out in
    Addition to that he had a great 8:0 record against bums. Joshua already
    beat guys who are 5 times better than his last Opponent. dont get why world
    class amateus fight at such a low Level in the pros

  • mogily77 4 years ago

    He comes across much better in this interview than does in his own

  • wooly786 4 years ago

    D’you reckon steve bunce is watching this lol?

  • TheVoodooLion 4 years ago

    i respect Tyson Fury for openly admitting its all about money, he says he
    doesnt give a fuck about belts or organisations, so you have to respect
    honesty. but Khan goes on about wanting to be world champion. if money is
    at the top of the agenda, at least fucking admit it. dont say your in the
    game for this and that when you are in it for something completely
    different. thats why i like Tyson now he doesnt put on a front for the
    cameras what he says is what he means, no bullshit like Khan.

  • TheVoodooLion 4 years ago

    thanks for the info. what a greedy bastard Khan is becoming, i appreciate
    the business side but when you have no belts to bring to the table, and
    coming off the back of losses, you cant go dictating terms your way. now we
    all know why he wants Mayweather – for the money, even though he knows he
    will lose. it was a winnable fight against Devon and he would have had a
    world title belt back, were is his sense of pride? i hate boxers who bang
    on about being a champion when its all about money.

  • p4p5119 4 years ago

    Fight is off. Khan ducked Devon because he wanted the lion share of the
    revenue which is absurd considering he got KO easily by Garcia dropped and
    scraped a win against Diaz and beaten by Peterson so yeah and even Devons
    trainer has said it is off and Devon has taken his name of the december
    date long story short its off and yes Paulie v Judah is on for december
    should be good

  • p4p5119 4 years ago

    Nah Khan wanted the lion share which generally means he ducked him
    considering no one will accept such a offer so yeah Khan ducked Alexander
    the fight is off and i assume that Glass Jaw spaggeti legs gets Mayweather
    which he is undeserved off and Judah and Zab is confirmed on for December
    should be a good fight

  • willyoustand86 4 years ago

    I thought it was Paulie V Zab in Dec, and I heard Khan has knocked back the
    fight with Alexander cos the pay wasn’t enough! I reckon Floyd will fight
    Garcia, he’s at least earned his shot/payday/lesson in boxing

  • jabjabgrab123 4 years ago

    Always comes off a great guy

  • 007kingdrew 4 years ago

    I wld like to see Floyd v Garcia next.seems the most natural match up.

  • TheVoodooLion 4 years ago

    does anyone know if Khan and Alexander are fighting in December? it is the
    most undecisive match ive seen in a long time. or is it Judah he is
    fighting? this has been a bit of a head fuck in the last few weeks.

  • James Mcmanus 4 years ago

    l think floyd will go back to HBO for his potential 50/0 fight …..if he
    gets to 50/0

  • all10980 4 years ago

    Trisha Dixon really thinks floyds is going to fight his own child broner lol

  • Takerfanatic 4 years ago

    Tris got in a nice plug at the end! Kudos to Kugan for allowing it, imagine
    many others would ahve cut it off

  • GazVonhammer 4 years ago

    I agree with Tris, I didn’t get any hype during the build up for Hate vs
    Fury and everything felt flat I think I’ve said this on a previous video,
    but none of my casual boxing friends cared for the fight.

  • ItsTerryTime 4 years ago

    Loud cough at 9m. :) Interesting interview, though Tris seemed more nervous
    in front of a camera than a lot of interviewees.

  • MREGGGOD1 4 years ago

    I am missing Mr Selby Snr !!