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  • SouthernSniper74 4 years ago

    Thats awesome Luca

  • Mite0m 4 years ago

    @rokee1979 good point, but I really hope Morrison learned his lesson

  • stupid fucking intenet…once again i have waited over a decade to see this
    man fight live! and just all of the duke fans bad luck all of a sudden
    theres a problem viewing tommy’s fight…..either way im glad hes back!!

  • nscurge 4 years ago

    Tommy can’t even take a punch, what makes anyone think he can take a kick!

  • dino cali 4 years ago

    Best left hook ever!

  • nowpitching22 4 years ago

    He just turned 40 – it’s now or never. He’s supposed to be in Australia in
    April afert this fight (which I really hope happens)

  • theytoookourjobs 4 years ago

    @LeftHookSinister hey man hows stuff im begging you for news on how hes
    going not gettin nothin here in oz.Peace man i hope hes happy and healthy

  • nicola benz 4 years ago

    voeze aap

  • Dawud Bryant 4 years ago

    need to make it public, the genuine letter from a top doctor, not some doc
    who could of been paid off

  • LeftHookSinister 4 years ago

    I spoke with Skelton manager to make that fight happen with Tommy. They
    don’t want to see The Duke for Skelton, is too much of a risk , the
    promoter said.

  • LeftHookSinister 4 years ago

    I hear you Rick… dont tell me about it, it was 4 am here and I was wasted
    and stoned waiting to see the fights with some friends, either way I heard
    the news live from a radio! :P There will be a re-run at 10am est time…
    dont miss it!!!!

  • rokee1979 4 years ago

    So whats he gonna do about that china chin of his thou? the first time he
    steps into the ring with a legit fighter hes gonna make like the tempature
    in january and drop

  • Cryofax 4 years ago

    @LeftHookSinister Care to link to the source showing these 12 negative

  • chris badtrekkie 4 years ago

    id love to see tommy back in the ring i wish him the best

  • Dawud Bryant 4 years ago

    the reason it was a no is probably because he doesn’t wanna take the risk
    of gettings H.I.V

  • BostonGuy33 4 years ago

    Why is Morrison not applying for a boxing license in Nevada, NY, NJ or any
    other state who has a reputable boxing commission. He fought in NE in what
    was not a sanctioned boxing match and in Mexico last year where the rules
    are not as stringent…. If Tommy Morrison wants to clear himself, then all
    he has to do is apply for a boxing license in the state of Nevada. Simple..

  • LeftHookSinister 4 years ago

    the offer was only boxing. and the answer was NO. I can undestand why,
    Skelton is a strong man, but Tommy is stronger. Tommy needs to work on his
    stamina, but that will come with time.

  • Dawud Bryant 4 years ago

    skelton has a great chin, can do 12 rounds at a mad pace and is a european
    level fighter, way too good for tommy at this stage in his life and career.
    Tommy rarely fights and only fights club fighters.

  • LeftHookSinister 4 years ago

    Morrison is healthy and tested negative 12 times in the past 2 years. What
    else do you need? a letter of recommendation from his doctor????????

  • rosscob65 4 years ago

    what is the risk? and wot match would it be? boxing or mma? because skelton
    is a former kockboxer. skelton is beyond duke just now. after a few fights
    with the level of opponents rising then he could go and k.o skelton. no
    doubt he has to get the training in and get his conditioning up to wot it
    should be. he really has to put the work in. so that all his fans can get
    to see wot they have been robbed of all those years.

  • Cryofax 4 years ago

    @LeftHookSinister Sweet hell I just realized this is two years old.
    Nevermind. lol.

  • BostonGuy33 4 years ago

    Are you fucking kidding me? Morrison hasn’t proven he doesn’t have HIV, so
    why would any high profile boxer want anything to do with him? Besides,
    Morrison isn’t ranked and a win over him doesn’t do anything for any ranked
    fighter. Are you in fantasy land or something?

  • Pawel Krzywicki 4 years ago

    It is a huge shame for these idiots from boxing fed that they start to lie
    about Tommy’s HIV tests. HE would be a great fighter like Foreman Ali Tyson
    or Frazier. Damn I love his left hook :)

  • double42 4 years ago

    What do you guys think of Tommy and Kimbo Slice ? I give Kimbo the win only
    if he gets Tommy on the ground like with Mercer … a fight with Matt
    Skelton would be good , but can you imagine Tommy taking kicks ? That left
    hook would have to land early …