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  • VoiD1x 3 years ago

    this honestly looks fake 

  • Billy Paschal 3 years ago

    this fight is the most ridiculous i’ve ever seen in my life!! both are

  • brettvett1 . 3 years ago

    holy fuck, these losers are fucking bums when it comes to a real fight

  • OrthodoxAtheist 3 years ago

    I’m amazed at how unfit they are. If that’s what having 200 lbs of muscle
    to lug around does for you, I think I’ll stop half-way there. :D
    Absolutely zero chance Sapp would take Tyson down. I’d put $500 on a Tyson
    Round 1 KO win (by uppercut of course).

  • TheAntManChannel 3 years ago

    First fight I’ve ever seen Sapp win.

  • hank ng 3 years ago

    isnt hitting the back of the head consider a foul? damn referee…

  • Ewaen Idemudia 3 years ago

    hahahaha what sort of amusing fight is this , I see two unfit heavy weight

  • timur gok 3 years ago

    bob sapp have not 28 years wtf

  • Gauntlets 3 years ago

    4 some stupid reason, I wanna say Abobo vs Bryan Fury… But I’d b a li’l
    far off callin’ Kimo “Bryan.”

  • JonasVideoReview 3 years ago

    Sorry, but both guys suck balls. No stamina at all. I weight about 87
    kilograms, but i could outcompete any of them. I have made kick boxing for
    20 years now. These days i am only training road racing cycle though i
    think i would have a pretty good chance to kick them both. Sapp loses body
    control and sight after only 3 minutes. I remember own fights with over 20
    minutes of intensive hits in my face without losing orientation. It is all
    about stamina. This is soooooooo important to any fighter. I cant
    understand how these guys train on getting massive instead of strong and

  • Marcus Freitas 3 years ago

    one of the best fights I’ve seen in my life, including Ali, Tyson, Gracie,
    Rocky Balboa !

  • Robert Lunt 3 years ago

    You can say what you like but if bob caught you with a punch your going
    down lol 

  • saigondj 3 years ago

    Weak Ass NIGGER, wouldn’t even use him a s a slave

  • Christopher Storm 3 years ago

    ridiculous. these guys didn’t knock each other out. they passed out from
    being so damn unfit. real MMA fighters will mess these guys up quick. they
    need to work on their fitness. looks more like a drunken bar fight than a
    professional fight.

  • Alan Welat 3 years ago

    worst fight ever….

  • lucas stidd 3 years ago

    These guys suck at fighting… Any feather weight can knock out both of
    these guys from UFC

  • Caius Filimon 3 years ago

    At first I thought this was a pathetic fight, but then I remembered with
    how much strength such beasts can hit with…

  • Stryc9Nine 3 years ago

    This was 12 years ago, not 2013. Get the facts straight. 

  • EpicDisclosure 3 years ago

    two giants with glass jaws

  • BLiNKBeaTs 3 years ago

    Is it just me…. or does EVERY single punch and kick look like they are in
    slow-mo? lol

  • ANO NIMO 3 years ago

    it´s only show

  • Darran Kern 3 years ago

    This fight was kinda bullshit. I dunno how K1 or whatever this is does
    things, but Bob Sapp was out on his feet in round 2. The ref shoulda
    stopped it, cuz Bob was concussed and cross eyed and couldn’t stand on his
    own power. Plus the dumbass ref pestered the doctor in Sapp’s corner,
    giving Bob like 2 extra minutes to get his wits back

    Lucky for Sapp, he was 356 pounds of black man, and his right hand might as
    well have been a fucking hydrogen bomb. If Kimo would have protected
    himself at all , he STILL would have won. But he let Sapp hit him right in
    the damn face again. So Kimo pretty much lost the fight for being stupid.

  • Сергей СС 3 years ago

    they are so funny!!!!!!! 8)

  • PsyMike3d 3 years ago

    6:18 those boobs!!!

  • NemeanLion 3 years ago

    Looks like 95% of the comments on here are from people just wandering the
    web and know nothing about the fighters.