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  • Nate Swanner 4 years ago

    Damn, I love my Clippers.

    I’m not sure what sport +Blake Griffin is playing, but it isn’t basketball.
    It’s some sort of futuristic game that is *like* basketball, but *not*
    basketball as I understand the definition.

  • Markus Nieminen 4 years ago

    monster jam.

  • E. Reyes 4 years ago

    NBA missed these two good plays in Blake’s top 10 of the year

  • Brandon Campbell 4 years ago

    Seriously!? This dude is like a highlight reel a night! These are sick
    dunks he is pulling off in the middle of games!

  • MrGrownman455 4 years ago

    Blake great ? YES HE IS AMAZING but Shawn Kemp? That is going a little far
    to me . Kemp was almost like an animal on the court he didn’t even look
    human sometimes. Blake can do some amazing stuff but he still looks Human.
    I had to compare Blake to somebody i would say he is a bigger version of
    Vince Carter.

  • AlmondBaller 4 years ago

    why you hating?

  • kratiras 4 years ago

    I was like MAN WHAT A GLASS PASS DUNK and the anchor was like ” another day
    in the office” …sigh

  • jusfly69 4 years ago

    Dafuk, how did he get there so fast?

  • James Thongkham 4 years ago

    the first one wasn’t even supposed to be an alley-oop…..

  • balla4life215 4 years ago

    Why would Lebron be a poor man’s jordan? He’s a 6’8 point forward who plays
    nothing like Jordan did. Please learn your history.

  • Danny B 4 years ago

    I like how the clippers bench don’t give a crap for either of his dunks.

  • Sheldon Hunt 4 years ago

    Anybody know? Is this technically an assist or offensive rebound?

  • Michael Huang 4 years ago

    yeah haha!

  • Waitak22 4 years ago

    No way bro. Vince Carter would have windmilled that shit

  • OPadrinho 4 years ago

    I was making a point, comparing players is ridiculous… And of all i said
    that was all you retained? i think you just read the first line…

  • sean0scott 4 years ago

    Love the Asian photographer dude’s “later bro” face at 0:17

  • Olexandr Polischuk 4 years ago

    probably no, watch this /watch?v=4tYlhlu99P8

  • Wind Waker 4 years ago

    Who cares? Btw, he plays no defense

  • TheAllstar22 4 years ago

    I agree with you to some point but saying that hes fine as he is doesnt cut
    it. If he gets a deadly mid range jump shot theres no way anyone can guard
    him one on one because of his vert and explosiveness.

  • Steven Mcdouche 4 years ago

    so nice

  • Warren Angub 4 years ago

    The first play was sick

  • Michail Terentev 4 years ago

    ooooohhhhhhHH Mannnn

  • Scott Yates 4 years ago

    its really up to the scorekeeper if they thought it was a deliberate pass
    or a shot attempt. for them it comes down to a common sense thing and
    everybody knows he passed it off the backboard so its an assist. its
    trickier when like cp3 is in traffic and even though we think he passed it
    off the glass or something it could of just been a bad shot attempt but
    this was an assist

  • FrankoiNHD 4 years ago

    Kevin love is the best rebounding PF in the league and also best three
    point shooter. Only player in history to get 20 or more points and grab
    over 13 rebounds a game and shoot over 30% from 3pt. He has done it twice.
    He’s the best power forward in the NBA.

  • FrankoiNHD 4 years ago

    To say griffin is the best PF in the league is stupid. Kevin love is the