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  • Shoopuf32 4 years ago

    koscheck cant see anymore after what gsp did to him tonight

  • jas108 4 years ago

    bj didnt really prove anything with that ko of hughes.we all know hughes is
    not a stand up guy.i mean think of it…who has hughes ever ko’d?everyone
    knew bj was the superior guy on the feet.but notice when bj fights guys
    that are really good technical strikers (GSP and edger) and are just as
    skilled…he gets absolutely picked apart on the feet.just look at his 2
    fights with edger.

  • jas108 4 years ago

    @TEB055808 yea i kno what u mean.some of them are definitely becoming some
    deadly strikers.as far as fitch/penn goes,last time we saw bj against a
    high lvl wrestler he lost so let’s see what he can do against fitch.he
    better work on his td defense alot if he wants to beat fitch.and i think
    the winner will get a shot for the title against the winner of
    gsp/koshcheck 2.wud b cool to see a gsp/penn 3 instead of a gsp/fitch 2.bj
    vs koshcheck wouldnt b bad either

  • enrique p 4 years ago

    I think they gonna stand first round 2nd Bj taking that shit to the ground
    and owning fitch

  • Caucasian Thunda 4 years ago

    i wanna see bj fight koscheck he is a lot more well rounded then matt
    hughes and a far better striker

  • jas108 4 years ago

    @SardaukarNo1 yea i kno man.fitch has longer reach,gud decent striking and
    is a beast wrestler.if he takes bj down,bj is in 4 a long nite of lay n
    prey and ground n pound.

  • PrisonEarth 4 years ago

    How humiliating to get KO’d in 20 seconds by a LW. Hughes always has
    excuses for his losses Maybe BJ was greased! wa wa

  • MMA ALL DAY 4 years ago

    @jas108 How am i blameing edgar? lol your not makeing sense I said BJ wasnt
    even doing MMA he was JUST BOXING with him lol think about that and again
    WHAT FIGHT ARE YOU WACHTING? lol BJ face wasnt even that massed up from
    Pussy punches lol he has no KO power and thats a fact look AT his record
    buddy haha he only won becaues of THE 3 takedowns he did. And for you
    saying BJ KOing Matt Huges is nuthing then your new to sport noob lol thats
    something a new guy would say. I got more for you :)

  • breakneck777 4 years ago

    a humble bj penn is amazing. hope this new mindset he has lasts because he
    has alwasy been an amazing fighter but his arrogance used to turn me off so

  • MMA ALL DAY 4 years ago

    @jas108 That makes no sense lol Its like me beatin this dude up the street
    and he got sent to hosptail lol and he said that he beat my ass so yeah it
    does matter lets loook at facts here lol and you just said something again
    very noonby Sean is mostly a wreslter but he knowed for his power and speed
    in his heans. The dragon was 10 pounds heaveyer then BJ and BJ during that
    time was the only one geting as much hits as he did lol And the only thing
    Fitch beats BJ at is his cariod’ wreslting lol

  • jas108 4 years ago

    @TEB055808 nah im not new 2 the sport.been watching it for a few years now
    but the reason i said his ko of hughes dont prove anything was cuz matt
    hughes is not a gud stand up fighter.who has hughes ever ko’d?no one.my
    point exactly.every1 kno bj had way better striking than hughes so the ko
    wasnt a big surprise but again what happens when bj fights guys with gud
    technical stand up(st pierre n edgar) skills?he gets owned in the
    striking.gsp beat bj both times n so did edgar.

  • J.L. Williams II 4 years ago

    Wait wait wait…. Hughes lost, wow

  • MMA ALL DAY 4 years ago

    @jas108 Dude what fight were you wachting twice? lol UFC 112 It could have
    gone either way Edgar just won becaues of his three takdowns he did which
    is a stupid way to win your UFC gold lol BJ wasnt even at 100 percent in
    fight also He wasnt even doing MMA just pure Boxing through out the whole
    fight. And edgar still had a hard time. UFC 118 he won everyround even when
    BJ got 6 takedowns but he still cound’nt fishish BJ like many of his
    fights. LOL only has 2 KO’s and 2 submissons.

  • MMA ALL DAY 4 years ago

    @jas108 Also at UFC 54 did you really think GSP won ageast BJ? lol please
    answer me that :) and we can get into about UFC 94 lol OH YEAH GOOD JOB
    BACKING UP YOUR POINT LOL which all you said was he will get owned again lol

  • fonze gonzalez 4 years ago

    @fakdaworld808 maybe he will get shot like tupac too

  • MrTehbigcheese 4 years ago

    @themeaningoflife38 fuck off you troll, hughes is a mma legend.

  • megamanel787 4 years ago

    @killjoyclown I know you a fag you mom posted a video saying it so plus you
    3 stepfather and the milkman are beating you with sticks hahahaha

  • fonze gonzalez 4 years ago

    i wanted hughes to win but didnt turn out that way. Bj will never get the
    welterweight title because of GSP or the Lightweight cause of frankie
    edgar. he will never win

  • jin37uk 4 years ago

    Penn vs Fitch should be an interesting match stylistically

  • andysepul1 4 years ago

    I dont know what the deal is with Penn but i believe he can be the p4p best
    fighter in the world. I dont think a well prepared with his mind in the
    right place BJ would lose to edgar or anybody. What ever happend to that
    fitness trainer he was working with? He looked in really good shape when he
    was working with him. i wonder if he still works with him.

  • pookela79 4 years ago

    fuck matt hughs he was talkin all kine shit now he got dropped faka no even
    know what when happen lol

  • jas108 4 years ago

    @TEB055808 dude w/e everbody knows sherk is a a wrestler lol.u even said
    it.but lets see what bj can do against fitch.trust me wrestling is the most
    effective grappling style in mma.bj will have his hands full with fitch and
    especially if he gets taken down.fitch will lay n prey on him like a piece
    of meat lol

  • Joe Mamma 4 years ago

    Fast hands beat slow heads everyday.

  • sirjohnrambo 4 years ago

    I thought the rubber match vs Huges would be a war….oh well. BJ is back
    for all those who thought he was done after Edgar “ran” around the octogaon
    and threw speedy faints for 10 rounds

  • caponeskid 4 years ago

    koschecks gay and bj would kill him