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  • Sideler74 4 years ago

    That was some baaaad acting. lol

  • Osman Butt 4 years ago

    bellator is a fucking joke, king mo should just get through rampage & sign
    for the ufc if he wants to be respected as a mixed martial artist

  • datchulo1085 4 years ago

    Haven’t seen him knock anyone one out in a looooong time!!! 

  • BoyDanny93 4 years ago

    yea Rampage, show those fools (Bellator fighters) the skills you got from
    Pride and UFC

  • XbotSlayer 4 years ago

    i know Big John is like…what did I get myself into…

    And at the end….nothing cools down a overhyped Rampage like a shot of 2,000
    mg of caffein and 1,000g of sugar in that 20oz Monster energy drink.

  • ziongite 4 years ago

    Lol at 3:19 the guys says “eyes wide shut”. Either he meant wide open since
    that’s what they were or this commentator really likes Stanley Kubrick
    movies but even still I don’t see the linkage of that movie to some dude
    being knocked.

  • syndawg89 4 years ago


    even though it was staged I do like a good old promo

  • Carlos DeGuzman 4 years ago

    Who let the werewolf’s out? Woooooh Rampage Jackson.

  • Champion56521 4 years ago

    That looked pretty fake but it gets me ready for the fight

  • MrHispanicz 4 years ago

    exchange with Mo was fake as hell tho. Rampage never acts like that 

  • MrHispanicz 4 years ago

    Rampage is easily among the top two fighters that everyone is afraid to
    fight. Only Wanderlei fought him straight up everyone else ran and was
    scared to exchange blows. 

  • Samuel Adams 4 years ago

    I love the concept of Bellator FC, I love the fact that they some good
    young fighters, I like that they brought in Rampage, but they have to stop
    with all the premature stoppings especially in Jacksons fights. If the guys
    aren’t on his level then start bringing in guys in his level because all
    there doing by stopping fight as soon as they hit the mat is making the
    talent and the fights look like weak sauce.

  • Mike Thornton 4 years ago

    I’m a Monster!!!!!

  • Saul Gallegos 4 years ago

    Go king Mo!

  • Daniel Dragovic 4 years ago

    LOL Rampage have only had 2 fights in Bellator and his highlight video is
    longer than Queen Mo’s who have had 5-6 fights in Bellator. Bellator really
    don’t like Queen Mo. Queen Mo’s video is only 30-45 seconds long.

  • Bruce Averytte 4 years ago

    Go rampage ! U are the best destroy king hoe! Lol

  • Michalis Evripidou 4 years ago

    I always like RAMPAGE cause hes a true WARRIOR!!! Excellent speech!!! Hes
    right…..they dont know with who they mess

  • Johnster2657 4 years ago

    Gotta love rampage haha

  • Peterson H 4 years ago

    That was awesome. Gotta love Rampage. That’s how you hype a fight! “I’m a
    MONSTER!!” Haha #cantwait #BartScottVoice 

  • Adam Heron 4 years ago

    What a prick!!! Great product placement you twat!!

  • Hazza101 4 years ago

    Keep crushing those cans Rampage

  • Corey Dulaney 4 years ago

    Yo this ish was just staged I hope no one believes it even tho the fight
    they have schedule might be real that was fake

  • Tony Bridge 4 years ago

    Rampage is easily top 5 LHW in the world right now. Too bad Jon Jones is
    too scared to face him at Bellator.

  • Vanilla Shaker 4 years ago


  • baller4eva22 4 years ago

    King Mo boutta fuck him up