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  • supermanwithpower 3 years ago

    how can there ever truely be a world champ when meanwhile there is many
    mma organization’s ufc being top dog but i mean there could be a Bellator
    fighter who could win against any ufc guy and there is a ufc guy who can
    win against all Bellator fighters..of same weight class of course. so with
    that said how can there ever be a world best?…

  • christph3118 3 years ago

    Hope Rampage ktfo of King Mo…cant stand Mos arrogance and attitude.

  • Rachid Pardo 3 years ago

    Emanuel NEWTON WTF that victory dance hahahah he almost knocked himself

  • thesashworth 3 years ago

    That stomping thing Emanuel Newton did when his win was being announced was
    cool as f^%k until he fell back!

  • Tevin May 3 years ago

    One good hit to moe from rampage and its over. Period. 

  • bud morse 3 years ago

    Hate king mo he is going to get ko

  • Julian Lin 3 years ago

    wow if that koed mo…one clean hit from rampage would do the trick

  • Jay Day 3 years ago

    Looked like newton cradled mo to sleep. Literally!!

  • WELLINGTON CRUZ 3 years ago

    Bons guerreiros de boa explosão e rápidos gostei kkkk

  • Tchimanga Elie 3 years ago

    j’aime ça lol 

  • mmafyasco 3 years ago

    always good to see king mo get KO’d

  • Xavier Pushkin 3 years ago

    Background music is called Extreme Music – Skin Em Up, just in case someone
    is interested.

  • Nery Castillo-McIntyre 3 years ago

    Video: Sobresalientes – #Bellator90 #ArtesMarcialesMixtas #AMM #MMA
    #Bellator #BellatorMMA

  • mikeatreyuloser45 3 years ago

    damn was it glassjaw night..

  • MOJO89OTDT 3 years ago

    Its nice to have Bellator on every Thursday, but last night’s show
    (2/28/13) was 2 hours and had 4 fights!! And one of them ended in about 1
    minute of round 1. That means a lot of filler and commercials!

  • Khonnell 3 years ago

    Why on earth did King Mo have his hands down like that for?

  • alekslav84 3 years ago

    main card was much better then last ufc

  • haitianxu 3 years ago

    There’s such thing called level of competition. Ben Saunders is the perfect
    example. Looks exciting as hell against lower level competition, yet can’t
    cut it in the UFC. Still, I love watching Bellator.

  • monstajd 3 years ago

    Jade Bryce….

  • mtucke314 3 years ago

    didnt see that.

  • Gurpreet25 3 years ago

    Igor is a can who dominated mma early when it was one dimensional. The
    funny thing is these are the only people who are/were consider relevant.
    That is your end of the list. None of those guys were consider elite, only
    fedor was. At best, kharitonov was consider a decent contender. So you got
    three fighters who were relevant in the one dimensional era but consider
    mediocre at best. You sure proved me wrong retard.

  • Marcus Sewell 3 years ago

    emanuel newton was moshing at end m/

  • kira yamato 3 years ago

    made him do the chicken dance!

  • andresCS714 3 years ago

    lol more like Queen Mo, amiriteeeeeeee?

  • Daniel Collier 3 years ago