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  • Gen Me 3 years ago

    lol@the Joe Rogan clone

  • optimospremo 3 years ago

    give that man a tampon for his face the ultra wide wings with vortex

  • povang 3 years ago

    chandler won in my eyes

  • AJDEFIXION 3 years ago

    Both Chandler and Alvarez are top 10. This fight might be the best fight of

  • James Canlas 3 years ago

    bullshit decision!!

  • drfeelgud88 3 years ago

    lmao about the Joe Rogan clone comment

  • Casey Fleming 3 years ago

    great fight. but both Eddie and Chandler have a really bad tendency to give
    up there backs tho, and if eddie gives up his back to cowboy he’s a dead
    man, as for cowboy vs eddie… eddie can out work him and win a decision
    just using his speed and cardio. i mean a war like this with his very
    active style and he never seemed tired. not to mention the fact that cowboy
    is probably cutting a lot more weight. his style has a lot of movement and
    faints however. which i don’t feel is going to be a good thing vs cowboy
    who has a reach advantage. every time eddie throws faint cowboy may unload
    from out of range.

    in my personal opinion this is a horrible match up for eddie. and its hard
    to bet against cowboy at this point with the streak he’s been on, i’ll give
    it to cowboy. they’ll almost certainly be fireworks however. 

  • Jordan Bloomer 3 years ago

    Rar good fight tbf fucked up each other’s faces 

  • smile dog 3 years ago

    someone could spend twitter michael chandler

  • Mitcholos Touchie 3 years ago

    The Idiots Calling Calling Jimmy Smith A Joe Rogan Wanna-be. He’s Looked
    That Way Since High School. The Two Guys Are Actually Friends. Joe Says It
    Himself, He Looked That Way Long Before They Ever Met.

  • Daniel Poursasan 3 years ago

    Im a huge eddie fan but idh what the judges where thinking chandler won
    more rounds

  • Hacker 3 years ago

    Olum bunlar yumruk atmış mk :)

  • Liam campbell 3 years ago

    Great fight still think chandler is the better fighter though.

  • clownkiller0629 3 years ago

    best fight ever ! all heart bro !

  • Jimmy Hart 3 years ago

    The judges fucked up on this one. Close yes, but one was making money on
    the side.

  • Ludwig Henderson 3 years ago


  • Daniel Jones 3 years ago

    this was an amazing fight i could watch this all day

  • Damian Rivero 3 years ago

    he had to win for the sake of bellator to profit from another rematch

  • bryce Flanigan 3 years ago

    It was obvious that Chandler won. Even if Alvarez won round 4 and 5 which
    he did it was still 3 out of 5 for Chandler. UFC style bullshit decision.

  • Raka Cha-chan 3 years ago

    Good decision

  • Khaos969 3 years ago

    get rid of that joe rogan look a like hes a pile of shit…. wheres that
    old strike force commentator he was the shit!

  • dantecry12 3 years ago

    Chandler is an awesome wrestler, I think he won the last couple of rounds.

  • tim hick 3 years ago

    Bloody wicked slug fest!! Great fight!!

  • Shawn Sandhu 3 years ago

    LMFAO Bellator found their own Joe Rogan

  • Da Mystery 3 years ago

    Had it for Alvarez. Felt like he pushed the action more.