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  • Brendan Dorman 3 years ago

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is so often misunderstood, even by casual MMA fans.
    Here, Gemini MMA celebrates it’s beauty in the Octagon, in this first
    installment of a series titled “Beautiful BJJ in MMA”.

  • fabiandarknes 3 years ago

    wtf 2:15 …….name of sumision??

  • Tommy D 3 years ago

    Awesome video man. I am subscribed and looking forward to more. BJJ in a
    no-gi, no rules (relatively) scenario is something I really like to study
    and the mma forum is one of the few places to watch and learn what
    techniques are most effective for these types of fights. I’d be interested
    to have the fighters names with all of the fights, although everything else
    was great!

  • Nate BJJ 3 years ago

    Good compilation, maybe next time include more of the setup for the

  • Hisham Abdalla 3 years ago

    great footage…which Alice in Chains song is it….thnx