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  • Andragorans 3 years ago

    What the fuck was this drunk fight?! No techniques or “martial art”

  • ItsJR516 3 years ago

    WTF Headbutting & Hair Pulling thats just GAY

  • Ackeem Bowen 3 years ago

    I seriously think some people should watch a documentary on the early days
    of the UFC because it was pretty much like this. What Dana White called the
    dark ages of organization. The UFC back then had no rules.
    Marshall arts in it`s pure true state is what out rules to begin with, it`s
    just we made rules because it`s too damn dangerous, as you can seriously
    hurt or kill someone.
    Eye gouging, hits to the groin, biting, hits to the back of the head,
    stomping on your opponent and other techniques. Illegal moves in the
    sporting aspect of Mixed Marshal arts, that you can freely do without rules
    in a street fight. Just imagine bringing those illegal moves in the cage.
    You do that and it does not become a sport anymore it`s become pure
    violence and pure violence is a little hard to stomach for some of us.

    That`s why you have rule in the first place to bring safety.

  • Alex Castro 3 years ago

    I know many people say that these were the days when there were true
    fighters, but none of the guys from this time would last a round with the
    fighters in the UFC now

  • Coolbreeze4u2 3 years ago

    crappy wrestling where is the fight?

  • Roy Smith 3 years ago

    strong effort by the smaller guy

  • Vodkani K 3 years ago

    The thing about these events 15-20 years ago that shocks me most is the
    awful awful officiating, more so that the actual bare knuckle fighting,
    hair pulling, etc. Not saying this ref did a bad job at all but in general
    they just looked so disorganized back then. But then again it was a fairly
    new sport so I guess they were learning as they went.

  • Eddie ™ 3 years ago

    Mike is a hair pulling faggot.

  • Ivor Biggun 3 years ago

    A sickening display. Americans should be ashamed.

  • Alex V 3 years ago

    That mike kid was tough. What gas station is he working at now so i can go
    shake his hand. 

  • stlrockn 3 years ago

    Legendary Boxing trainer Angelo Dundee ( Muhammad Ali / Ray Leonard among
    others) once described MMA as bar fighting without the beer bottles. THIS
    fight proves that point. It’s all in what you like to see, but for me, this
    was ugly to watch. Give me the sweet science any day….but that’s just me.

  • gophop 3 years ago

    40lb difference. What a fucking joke. How is this sanctioned?

  • Johan Sandberg 3 years ago

    hairpulling really? what a faggot good he got beat up!

  • daniel987878 3 years ago

    Dude could of berimbolo’d out of bottom at 1:42.

  • William smith 3 years ago

    is this legal?

  • NaughtyNinja94 3 years ago

    This was fucking stupid, this is not a street fight. Let me say that again,
    THIS IS NOT A STREET FIGHT. Dirty fucker throwing low knees and head buts
    on a guy who is 40lbs smaller than him, pinning him and deliberately aiming
    for his busted eye with elbows and moves that could render him blind or
    even dead. This is sport, its not a fight to the death. The ref should of
    stopped this shit the moment those head butts did their damage.

  • Gunsmith2584 3 years ago

    a fucking disgrace to pull another mans hair while fighting
    mike you are an awful fagget

  • d0gm34t 3 years ago

    Did i just watch some gay porn?

  • Krippy Nix 3 years ago


  • Wankshaftsbury 3 years ago

    this isn’t a fight.

  • Benja Freeman 3 years ago

    What the heck is Kapu Kuialua? Has anyone on here ever heard of that? Is it
    just like another name for hawaiian Lua? I honestly think the man could
    have called his fighting style anything from kali to kungfu and it would
    have looked the same.

  • Mike Pelky 3 years ago

    mullet mustache combo for the win

  • HawaiianWarrior100 3 years ago

    People need to understand in a street fight people use anything to their
    advantage whether its to grab hair hit em to the groin etc, and this is
    like a street fight basically. i wouldnt grab someones hair or hit em in
    the groin unless i was in trouble, then all man codes go out the window and
    it becomes life or death situation. you have to think smart in a street
    fight and use their disadvantages against them im not some1 that would
    initiate a groin shot or any other dirty tactics unless i absolutely needed
    to, or if some1 tried to fight dirty 1st.

  • Don Fanto 3 years ago

    Stop hatin’. That was the closest thing to the real 1vs1 fight that you
    have ever seen, faggots.

  • FrankHansen RnDude 3 years ago

    first focus on eye punchingpressing technics after that its all on the
    groins kick wrestle and crunch stoomp the heel on them