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  • ssting67 3 years ago

    For all you haters/ Couch patatoes out there that say bad things about this
    kid. FYI he is now 16 and just got offered a FULL ride D1 ICE hockey. So
    Hate on, he is playing D1 for nada. In the world of kids sports that is the
    first thing you are trying to achieve. Oh and if you would actually watch
    the video you would see at least 7 passes. I know, I made the video.

  • HockeySniper 3 years ago

    Roller is so much easier than ice don’t try to argue because i’ve played
    both. And the next Ovechkin? Maybe because he can’t pass lol.

  • deathcharge811 3 years ago

    haha. his jersey. 99 problems but a puck aint one.

  • DERP MCLERD 3 years ago

    He’s a puck hog

  • Bacca Lover 3 years ago

    He’s a puck hog too

  • jnccod 3 years ago

    Perfectly good talent ruined by a REALLY SHITTY SONG CHOICE.

  • Steven Walker 3 years ago

    That’s not hockey what’s that

  • Deanna Fraser 3 years ago

    Has he ever heard of passing?? And he sucks

  • Sam Garrison 3 years ago

    Ever heard of passing?

  • paintballwiz1983 3 years ago

    he looks like a puck hogger if i was his coach id bench him for that

  • DannyPhantom 22 3 years ago

    well we can see who the least favorite player is on the team now

  • I gaming22 3 years ago

    This is C hockey in Minnesota 

  • Rob meloche 3 years ago

    I don’t see talent I see a kid who don’t like to play as a TEAM and that’s
    the first step to playing real hockey FAIL!!

  • Hurricanesfan33 3 years ago

    Everyone stop he’s good there were like 6 passes

  • Steven Walker 3 years ago

    He’s a puck hog and I think you shouldn’t of made this video

  • Shea Adams 3 years ago

    It’s not ice hockey its roller hockey dumbo

  • Ernie Gruhn 3 years ago

    roller hockey shots

  • pattick busche 3 years ago

    no hockey player should ever wear 99 except for the wayne train 

  • Henry Jackson 3 years ago

    What state wars is that

  • Patrick Lang 3 years ago

    Even I can do any of that and still pass and I play ice

  • XDBD GAMINGX 3 years ago

    hes not even amazing

  • Block_dot 3 years ago

    I hate it when players use 99 as their number because of Gretzky. Nobody
    will probably be as good as him for a LONG time and sure – he is extremely
    dominant in this league. But being the next Gretzky? I don’t think so.

  • Borna Gredicak 3 years ago

    I know this is old video, but being inline hockey player, i cannot see
    future for player that plays alone without one pass, even on videos, he has
    only “spin-o-rama”, which helps now but later won’t do much good. Also if
    he is 11, and played minors, my IIHF rules you cannot do slapshots, it’s
    illegal move play in minors. Did i mention i’m also IIHF referee? :D

  • The Paradox 3 years ago

    Y are there so many ppl talking trash about inline hockey all of the sudden
    it has it’s own ways bc I’ve played with both alright both can be fun in
    its own ways. Bc ppl(even ice fans), field hockey is the real joke now XD

  • Game player 3 years ago

    This is Roller Hockey