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  • OXG2221 4 years ago

    i really wish djokovic do his best in this Grandslam .. he need that 2000 P
    good luck novak

  • jdfox1 4 years ago

    Well now that my all time fav Elena Dementieva is retired im hoping for
    Jelena Jankovic or Vera can win or Caroline too and i dont know about Maria
    Sharapova she needs a slam again to go with the rock. I hope Andy can win
    but if he cant i like Roger the Greatest. Mwwuuuaaaa.,

  • Tennis Now 4 years ago

    @VioletMould Thanks for watching!

  • Steven Leung 4 years ago

    Well done, summary + story that we can’t see on TV

  • Tennis Now 4 years ago

    @mtlsteven Glade you liked it. We are always looking to improve so let us
    know if you have any suggestions :)

  • VioletMould 4 years ago

    awesome channel, keep it up!