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  • Rawr5649 3 years ago

    7:21 Former Heavyweight?

  • Ell Kollectr 3 years ago

    Fatazz nelson lol
    hes healthy now

  • Imozep4Live 3 years ago

    arlovski has no bad chin. he has a bad covering thats all. everyone who
    gets beaten by rogers or karitonov goes KO

  • Rhon Vhan 3 years ago

    dont mess with the spartan KING LEONIDAS ! AWOOO! AWOOO! AWOOOOOO!

  • BlameDamage 3 years ago

    roy nelson should be sponsored by burger shot

  • Metamor Phesis 3 years ago

    Roy can not loose that belly. It contains a highly secret technology. 

  • REDRAT555 3 years ago

    I think current Roy would win in a rematch.

  • john siafega 3 years ago

    This ref… “position”, “work for position”… Like dude he has arlovski in
    side control raining down knees.. Da hell are you watching? 

  • Derek Marlowe 3 years ago

    Nelson is amazingly agile and has great endurance for such a fat looking
    body. I wonder how he would do if he was leaner?
    We will never know…

  • davo9129 3 years ago

    btw Roy thats where your stomach got you in strikeforce but in UFC your
    healthier. lol strikeforce commentators are uneducated for the most part
    and dont train like Joe Rogan when strikeforce existed

  • Chars Fist 3 years ago

    Good ref

  • Donovan Adams 3 years ago

    Roy was out…. not all knockouts are epic but that was a knockout

  • MrStevie57 3 years ago

    I know I’ll use my fat to push him against the cage and just stand

  • Dave F 3 years ago

    that was a great fight from 2 great fighters, Roy Nelson could try to lose
    some weight though

  • eddie adams 3 years ago

    You can here the peoples in the back ground saying ” Knee , Knee , to
    Andrei Arlovski , . LOL

  • Luis Ramos 3 years ago

    @ 8:12
    Karen Bryan what the Fuck was that shout?? Lmao 

  • oooBASTIooo 3 years ago

    Strange stand-up in the first round.. Roy was active and had just finished
    a submission attempt. Wouldn’t necessarily have changed the outcome, but
    it’s still bad judgment.

    In any case, a nice fight between two good fighters. I like how Nelson
    competes on this level albeit his belly.

  • GeekinSince82 3 years ago

    Fucking BS, in no way was Roy knocked out. He was rocked, maybe even
    severely rocked. He didn’t go limp, his eyes didn’t roll, he wasn’t
    sleeping. I guess you could say it’s a flash knockout, but technically
    that’s not a knockout. How anybody can say he was knocked out blows my
    mind. Are you legally blind? Seriously…

  • Rock Leblanc 3 years ago

    i hope that ref got fired for multiple reasons

  • TheAbProd 3 years ago

    Yes, stand up was fishy; it was very quick. However Ref DIDN’T stop kimura.
    Roy let go sub in 4:46, 4 seconds before stand up. Interesting that over 2
    min of less then 7 min fight Roy clinched where he threw 2 knees to leg and
    tried 2 half hearted takedwns. No one is mad that ref didn’t stop that one?
    Respect to both fighters

  • EZ30Loyale 3 years ago

    roy’s pretty quick for a big guy.. Andrei is a monster though,

  • IndoeSMoke 3 years ago

    nelson was out

  • América MG 3 years ago

    What a terrible ref! Roy wasn’t out and the ref stand up very quick, while
    Big Country was working on a kimura

  • Rainè James 3 years ago

    Big country, only time he was finished…

    Andrei Arlovski vs. Roy Nelson – FULL FIGHT

  • davo9129 3 years ago

    omg strikeforce commentators are so unprofessional.