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  • Malekai Lavelle 3 years ago

    Wanna hear somthing cool??? Nuggets still won.

  • M0rph1n 3 years ago

    wish he’d pulled up a three there, when he was still behind the line and
    nail it.

  • Tim D 3 years ago

    It’s very rare that you see a reaction like Steph Curry’s and pretty much
    everyone in the building including the players on the court. If he would
    have scored while getting fouled, that may have been the play of the year.

  • blitz34 3 years ago

    This shit is worse than DeAndre Jordan on Brandon Knight, dude just got
    fucking defecated on wow…

  • Breezy 3 years ago

    He couldn’t finish… Not that good.

  • Dymez187 3 years ago

    Iguodala embodied A.I’s crossovers… he’s got the A.I spirit.

  • Master Yoda 3 years ago

    Kyrie did this against Pablo on the Knicks. Only it wasn’t on a fast break.

  • Terry Hetherington 3 years ago

    To everyone crying, “he just slipped”, stop watching sports. He slipped
    because he was crossed and had to try to turn on a dime causing him to
    fall. After the behind the back, had he kept going in that direction he
    wouldn’t have fell but since Andre went back left he had to adjust causing
    him to fall. He apparently drinks his milk because he had to have had
    strong bones to survive that crossover! 

  • Flopping Gypsys 3 years ago

    1. he couldn’t finish 2. the defender mainly fell because it looked like he
    slipped still a crossover though

  • Cesar Zapata 3 years ago

    definitely a mean crossover but you gotta finish so no

  • g0dsboss24 3 years ago

    The crowd in Oakland is loud as fuck. 

  • hartsickdisciple 3 years ago

    That was nice. Too bad he carried it. 

  • bibby42 3 years ago

    FINALLY!!! A 100% legit crossover! That is one of the best I’ve ever
    seen, wow!

  • Shot Science Basketball 3 years ago

    That was incredible! Only thing potentially more entertaining is watching
    Steph Curry’s reaction! Haha!

  • Ole Boy 3 years ago

    You reach I teach…

  • Evil LeBron 3 years ago

    “Now they can forget about me” – Antonio Daniels

  • MBogdos96 3 years ago

    CrossOVER (Smoove voice) :-P

  • James Baxter 3 years ago

    Who is that tho lol

  • EDMOfficial 3 years ago

    Look at Curry’s reaction
    and Harrison Barnes and the rest at the bench

  • Nuvo Gotti 3 years ago

    God Damn if this aint crossover of the year idk what is sheesh what damn
    whats with all the make the shot shit mosgov fouled the shit outta him lml

  • KingTut 3 years ago

    Who is the unfortunate victim? He should be glad they didn’t mention his
    name to really embarrass him.

  • 1Stunna2323 3 years ago

    Yeah that should erase the bad taste of LeBron’s game winner against him
    this year.

  • KFC Bucket 3 years ago

    Lebron dunk > this

  • Justin Henderson 3 years ago

    If he had made the and 1 then that would of been top five crossovers of all

  • billyban09 3 years ago

    Waiting for the “Nah he slipped.” comments to arrive.