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  • auggiedoggy 4 years ago

    Great job taking out Ivanovic (for the 2nd time). Li Na will be tough but
    you can do it.

  • kostaslakis121212 4 years ago

    The most beautiful women tennis player together!! So all game is a

  • Nino Frigorifico 4 years ago

    good job genie …

  • Yoana Boteva 4 years ago

    Amazing Genie! <3

  • cambed71 4 years ago

    I posted below and as a Serena fan, I was very intent on seeing Ivanovic
    lose as quickly as possible following her upset. In the last 8, I was happy
    with anyone winning besides the two Serbians. The interest levels in a
    match really depend on how much you hate someone more than how much you
    like the other person. As a Serena fan, Henin, Jankovic and Clijsters were
    her biggest threats so I enjoyed watching Clijsters lose to Robson (US
    open), Henin lose to pretty much anyone and Jankovic lose to Venus and
    Serena. Tonight, I was so keen to watch the match between Nadal and
    Federer. I like Federer but I just despise Nadal. Even though I wanted him
    to lose tonight, I’m sort of glad he’s in the final as I’m going to be much
    more passionate about the match and hope to see Stan win. With the woman, I
    prefer to see Li Na win but I like Cibulkova too so I’m not as passionate
    about it. You definitely need your villains to keep you watching and Nadal
    and Ivanovic, you are the villains in my eyes.

  • Dark0blivion 4 years ago

    Thanks for the quick post! Go Genie!!!

  • dobbsiancant 4 years ago

    hey ana,if you get a good slice of pizza,maybe you can fist pump that.

  • sandyclaws101 4 years ago

    Eugenie is like a mini Kirilenko! I love her game!

  • sperrotta91 4 years ago

    I can totally see the Li vs. Bouchard match going the distance.

  • 박미란 4 years ago

    I love ana!!♥

  • ringorinfret 4 years ago

    Bravo Eugénie!!

  • ignorance15bliss 4 years ago

    well to be fair, ana played ok until that leg injury got her a bit flat.
    and eugenie was just too good that day for anyone who was a bit flat

  • kelly winsel 4 years ago

    ivanovic is the best and ivanovic army is the best ok get over it

  • Jaime Villanueva 4 years ago

    @Patrya,I agree, coz beating one of the best Women’s Tennis Player is a
    tough Job.

  • Paglia444 4 years ago

    THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS! A player plays match of her life to knock out Serena
    then drops a deuce in the next round. Remember Lisicki at Wimbledon? Looked
    like a new #1 against Rena but then couldn’t get a ball in court against

  • asdfdsasdfasdfasdfa 4 years ago

    go canada!

  • cambed71 4 years ago

    I think this was my favourite match of the Aussie Open in 2014. Ivanovic
    was becoming a bit of a pest beating my own Sammy and then my fave of all
    time Serena. I was looking for anyone to bring her down and it came in the
    form of a young Canadian sweety with a beautiful backhand and a
    fearlessness that Stosur and Serena were missing.

  • sperrotta91 4 years ago

    Just when you think Ivanovic has finally broken down those barriers… well
    done Bouchard though.

  • Honey Brown 4 years ago

    The rising tennis sensation Eugenie!!

  • lordrampage 4 years ago


  • Tennis Pro DPT 4 years ago
  • Jacques Savoie 4 years ago

    Bravo Eugénie!
    Tu as fait ma journée!