Casey Mears and Marcos Ambrose’s post-race discussion leads to punches thrown after the Toyota Owners 400 in Richmond. For more NASCAR news, check out:
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  • Hunter Nixon 4 years ago

    Major respect gained for Ambrose. Casey had it coming.

  • Ennui Go 4 years ago

    Casey “do you know who my dad is” Mears vs Marcos “the Tasmaniac” Ambrose

  • Troy Young 4 years ago

    Marcos Ambrose is one of the most respectful drivers in the garage area.
    He doesn’t cause trouble, and he really got pushed around on the track
    when he came into the league. Casey Mears just learned that a “nice guy”
    demeanor is nothing to take for granted. IMHO, Ambrose had EVERY right to
    pop him one after Casey decided to put his hands on Marcos. I hope that
    shines up nicely and we get to see some ugly black and purple on Mears’s
    face in some upcoming interviews.

  • awalker28 4 years ago

    I gained so much respect for Marcos after this. Casey Mears had to be Mr.
    Badass and yell and grab Marcos and Ambrose was just like, “Shut your
    fucking mouth (swing).” Hahaha. So awesome. Hope he doesn’t get any
    penalties because this is honestly good for the sport.

  • William Vanderstarre jr 4 years ago

    Casey Mears is a jackass 

  • BombasticLove87 4 years ago

    Meats put his hands on Ambrose first. Anyone would have clocked him, you
    don’t put your hands on anybody like that

  • jamespic 4 years ago


  • BlakeMcTavishe 4 years ago

    Marcos never acts like this. He’s always so calm. This is strange.

  • marble maniac 4 years ago

    Casey did not deserve this. He wanted Marcos to get away from him and
    Marcos reacted with a punch.When Casey rubbed his eye, the eye might have
    hurt and not just that,Casey’s hat got knocked over!

  • Dan Cross 4 years ago

    Ambrose has a pretty mean right hook.

  • emanueleandrea 4 years ago

    ingnorance USA motorsports

  • Shawn Keesbury 4 years ago

    So after the race last night…

  • Noize Tank 4 years ago

    FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! *kiss kiss*

  • Clint Walker 4 years ago

    And there’s a fight between Cale Yarborough and Donnie Allison!! The
    tempers are overflowing, they are angry, they know they have lost, and what
    a bitter defeat.–Ken Squire

  • DietDewHunter88 4 years ago

    There’s some shoving going down their and there’s a PUNCH! A SWING! #LOL

  • Randall Dubin 4 years ago

    First punch thrown in this redneck sport since Mr. Excitement’s haymaker on
    Kurt in 2002(?).

  • Daniel Bercaw 4 years ago

    I love that they play it in slow motion at the end haha

  • joe jones 4 years ago

    Rule #1: Put your hands on me and you best expect to be knocked out!

  • nhfalcon 4 years ago

    That’s how Aussies roll baby…..come at me bro!!!

  • Paul Best 4 years ago

    Mears got what he deserved the princess!! 

  • Tyler Laughlin 4 years ago

    Don’t put this on youtube NASCAR it’s detrimental to the sport lol.

  • PanicInSectorFive 4 years ago

    unprofessional neanderthals

  • Edgaras ee 4 years ago

    how to change from race commentator to boxing commentator in 2 seconds

  • Rob S 4 years ago

    Never push a kangaroo into a corner, don’t let me push ya round Marcos!
    Some drivers envy his road course abilities a bit too much 

  • Diego Ospina 4 years ago

    ladies and gentlemen: the real Tasmanian Devil.